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Tonsillectomy recovery June 22, 2011

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So its been just shy of 3 weeks since my surgery. Overall, not a horrific experience. I honestly think the worst was not my throat by my ears and jaw. My ears would (and still do) hurt. Noise, anything would bother it. It suucked!

My throat is still sore, but getting better! Ill have to post before/after pics! All my scabs are almost gone 🙂


Day 4….95 hours post surgery June 6, 2011

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Ok, yesterday was worse. But toda is probably the real worst. And it still supose to get even more worse. yay. Yesterday my throat was sore all day. It was increasingly difficult to swallow. eating was ridiculous. But sam came over which was awesome! I had my first bowl of ice cream which was heaven! My tongue is ultra swollen which makes it hard to talk. in fact, I dont think i talked at all until sam came over that evening@
I had a lot of burning in my throat at night, so I ate some bread which was awesome. It felt sooo good! Water has been really hard to drink.

I woke up today to serious pain. The worst ive had so far. its through my jaw, tongue, ears, teeth. Ugh! I layed with an ice pack for awhile and sucked on some ice too. Slept a lot of the day. Sams coming over with sherbert. Hopefully itll help some!!


Day 2….52 hrs post surgery June 4, 2011

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Well, this sucks, but I still wouldn’t say it’s the most awful experience ever. My throat is pretty swollen today so I sound funny if I talk. But, I can talk. I decided to try and eat more today. It was….well, let’s just say interesting.

Brian caame over to take care of me today since I told Eric to go to the drop zone and jump. He came over bright and early and the better half of the am was spent sleeping. I decided t venture out for the first time and we went to Wendy’s. Note to self, before getting in a car next, take nauseous Meds! We went to Wendy’s where I got a frosty and fries. The fries tasted soo good! But were very difficult to get down, the frosty felt fantastic but made me very mucusy. For the rest of the day i lounged some and watched movies. I took a nap towards the evening and the pain got a bit more intense. Eerything just feels really swollen and my jaw and ears hurt now. Again, more uncomfy than anything 🙂
I think I may go attempt a shower then bed for the evening. More updates to come!


Tonsillectomy…take one June 3, 2011

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to sum up the entire pre-tonsillectomy story we’ll start wayyy back when I was a kid and had tonsillitis every oh I dunno, few weeks. It got bad after I had mono, but not wanting to have them out-and being a teenager at the time which meant rebellion and of course longer healing time than when i was 4 and the idea age to have them out) kinda kept me from pursuing removal at the time.

Fast forward 12 years. I began getting these beautiful white spots in my throat. Though it was strep. Went to the ENT only to find out it was tonsil stones. Really? Who gets that??

so after prescribing me this fun rinse to try and flush them out with, I went back a few weeks later and updated the dr on the stones that wouldnt go away. He had a resident/intern that day and he worked on me and then left the room giving me info on the tonsillectomy and told me to think about it for a few minutes.

In comes the dr who says, its not an option, they are coming out. When are you out of school. Joy.

Which brings me to today, laying in my beg, drugged up on percocets and drinking water. im supose to drink a gallon a day. ouchie. it more uncomfy than pain though.

I was a nervous wreck yesterday and the day before. We had a bbq at the house just to distract me!! Everything went really fast though. I signed in and my dr was actually running ahead of schedule. I changed into my gown and he was like lets get going nurse Im sure she doesnt want to wait all day. i told him it was fine lol. I got my IV whci was nice cause i was incredibly hungry and thirsty and that made it go away and after meeting with the anesthesiologist and doctor (who told me I had elevated PT levels so watching for bleedng was going to be fun) I said goodbye to Eric as they wheeled me back. I had gotten into the hospital at 2:30 and was wheeled back into the OR just after 3-insanely fast! Can I tell you how much I love this doctor? Not only did he remember i skydive, but he asked eric if he ever got to see the movie he wanted to go see after my last surgery. hahaha. Oh and he agreed to text me a picture of my tonsils 🙂

I fell asleep fast. Right after the this is the medecine that will relax you. not the meds that will put you to sleep. All i remember prior to that was discussing skydiving and bungee jumping. They found it cmical i was afraid of heights and bungee jumping.

When I woke up it was 3:50ish (I couldnt see since i didnt have my glasses-but i defiitely saw a 3 and a 5!) Eric had talked to the dr about 20 mins prior who said all went well. no real diet restrictions-I could eat whatever i want and that i needed to drink-a lot! I was able to swallow and talk just fine. I remember waking up from the surgery and i was like huh, not too bad. They asked my pain level and I said probably about a 5 out of 10 and they asked if i wanted pain pills thru my IV-I said yes please!!! Then they gave me 2 percocets. And they gave me water….i drank 3 cups before we left and started on a fourth on the way home. Hey they told me to drink right? lol But i was incredibly tired and kept falling asleep.

If you ever have tonsil surgery-2 things ill recommend.  apsray bottle with water in it and a bag of ice from sonic. Those great little ice balls they have are peeerfect! I however would NOT recommend a limeade. It sounded like a good idea at the time 😉 We dropped off my scripts and eric brought me home where i procedded to get into the bed that I have not yet left. 🙂

I was in and out of sleep most of the evening and tried to drink as much as I could. I wouldnt sleep much more than 2 hours and around 2am all the liquids hit my bladder lol. I had my initialy percocets at 3:00 so i took more jus before 8, at 11:45, 3:45, and then I took soem around 8:15. that extra half hour made a difference! I also tried to take it with strawberry banana juice which BUUURNED. Lesson learned. first thing i ate was jello, then i had some saltine crackers which were amazingly not bad. They felt really good going down. I had an edys fruit bar. and continued to snackon crackers. This afternoon  I had more crackers at my noon medecine time and a fudgcicle-BAD idea! I nearly chocked on the excess mucus caused by it! at 2:30 im now attempting mashed potatoes and they ar awesome!

It hurts to talk so ive quit doing that lol. But I havent been in an excruciating pain. I think the worst part is my swollen uvula cause it toches tha back of my tongue and makes me feel like soemthing is there lol. I’ve kept ice on my neck and that helps too. Its really just pushing past the discomfort and swallowing water and food 🙂 Not babying it at all.

Its supose to get worse before it gets better, so we will see. As of right now though, its all about the resting (i havent gotten out of bed all day except for little minor trips to bathroom and kitchen). I had a 10 min convo with my mom on the phone and it Huuuuurt! lol. Back to no talking. And probably another nap after i gulp soem more water and finish these potatoes!

more later!

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