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Last Day of School!!! May 27, 2011

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Slightly bittersweet, I supose. ‘lIl miss some of them. But certianly NOT all of them.

HELLLO summer vacation. What better way to celebrate than with blood gettting drawn for my presurgery workup, a party at the principals with my hubby, and hangover 2 with brian!


Life updates. May 20, 2011

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So since detox time I have continued my healthy habits. Can’t pronounce the ingredients, I dont eat it (unless its less than 2%, Im not that picky). No cheese, no big bulky breads,not much dairy unless its all natural-only greek yogurt, no milk if I can help it, and egg yolks, but egg whites are ok,  and no beef, pork, or chicken. Well, not much chicken. I’ll eat it if nothing else is around. Plus its a good “splurge” item. Other than that if im still hungry after I eat (which i basically consume rice, veggies, fish, and turkey nowadays), ill reach for fruits or veggies. Im in love with mangoes. No seriously. We are having a little affair lol.

It all seems to be working cause I’m down 20 lbs. Yippeee!

I hired a personal trainer at the gym and hes already kicked my butt once. he’ll really get me into shape after I am all healed from the tonsils. Which come out in two weeks. Soooo not excited about this. BTW, have I mentioned I haven’t had any stones since I changed my diet. Umm., yeah. I tried to cancel it, but Eric said no. SO, nstead I moved it up a week. Yay.

One more week of school. i can do this. I know I havent posted much about school this year. Probably because I try to not remember it much. these kids are monsters. Seriously. I cant wait for a new class next year. I dont know what it is, but they are soo disrespectful-not if just me, but of everything-toys, homework, each other, other teachers. The other first grade teacher is in agreement about her class as well. I cant wait to start over next year!!

We took the first grade and the kindergarten to the zoo today. it was fun, but exhasuting. Ive never had so many parent chaperones lose kids as I did on this trip. And one gorup who comepletely wandered the zoo until 1/2 hour past our meeting time! we nearly missed the busses back at school. And I wonder why these kdis act the way they do. Ahh!


Road to Eating Healthier May 9, 2011

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Wow I suck at this blogging thing.

Want to know soemthing I do not suck at…detoxing haha.

Total weight loss-12 lbs!

That Monday I got to eat rice. It was heaven. I made it beforehand….4 servings for the day. In it I added leeks, spinack, mushrooms, and beansprouts. It was delish!!\

Tuesday i got to eat beans and seeds. I hate a salad with beans and plain raw, organic sunflower seeds mixed in. And a ton of chickpeas. maybe too many actually. And a lot of veggies. Yumm!

The next day i got to eat dairy and grains. So I had whole grain oats, heated with yogurt in it (intead of milk). delicious!

Finally, on Thurdsay, i got to eat fish. it was an incredible day. I ate it too fast, I barely even tasted it lol

Since then I have yet to add back in dairy or meats. I have solely lived on fish. I was going to drop fish too and try to go totally Vegan, but I have no idea what I would eat when we went out! So for now that is where I am at. Oh and I cut alcohol too.

I have cheated a little bit here and there. Cinco de Mayo I drank caronas and on saturday i drank as well. I ate tortilla chips and the tortilla bowl. Also, I ate a weight watchers mini sundae yesterday and popcorn. Not horrific. I feel like I have really learned to eat better and be more conscious of what I am eating.

I am adding back in turkey today since it is by far the healthiest of the meats. http://www.nebraskapoultry.org/turkey_nutrition.htm

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