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3 day weekends…. February 17, 2009

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are absolutely wonderful! That is until you have to go back to work. Why is it that 4 day weeks seem so long??


I should really update more often. February 15, 2009

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So last time I blogged we had the reminants of Ike tear through Ohio and had me out of school for a week. Since then, i have grown to LOVE my job, worked on some wedding plans, had a birthday, celebrated thanksgiving and christmas, had a boring new year, had some days off of school due to snow, and another day off due to winds (who knew Columbus was the windy city!?)

Valentine’s Day kinda sucked this year, however, I had a fantastic time at school which was great! I really had a great time!

I am getting over my first cold of the school year-imagine that! I haven’t been sck in a LOOOONG time! Thats a first, huh?

I got my wedding dress. It is unbelievably gorgeous!! I tried it on and was in love!!! My flower girl is absolutely adorable too! And here in a few weeks my ring bearer will get fitted for his tux along with everyone else 🙂 Im so excited!

Wedding plans are going well. We got a florist and it looks like shes going to be great. We decide to go with all silk flowers-some of which are rentals, which is ok with me! As long as it all looks great!

Well, i need to get moving on this day. I’ll try to blog more often. Really I will.

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