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It’s official August 22, 2008

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I got the contract signed, the keys to the doors, the stuff moved out of my basement, and my classroom is no longer a mess…..


Yes, I was a teacher for awhile at my old job, but that didn’t count. And then I was a substitute. But that didn’t count either. I was a long term sub too, and that was close, but it still didn’t count.

However, that all changed on Wednesday at 7:18 am-that was when the principal of a local school called and offered me a first grade job!!

Of course I accepted!! And now, it definitely counts!

It was all quite sudden and very unexpected. i got called at about 11:30 am on Monday to interview right away, so I went in at 2:00 and interviewed and it went really well. The next day around 12:00 the Principal called me back for a second interview, so at 3:45 on Tuesday, i interviewed again. Wednesday morning I was offered the job at 7:18 am at at 7:25 I called my old job to let them know that that would be my last day! Thursday I started at my new school! And today, I worked on my classroom! And though tomorrow is Saturday, I will be back working on it some more!! Next week is open house and then school starts on the 2nd!

I wanted to get through the first week before I said anything, but everything is set now. And I am so happy. The staff is wonderful, the principal is great, and my classroom is HUGE-almost too big!!  I’ll post some pics soon!!!

Well I need to get some sleep, its been a long and wonderful week!! And I am looking forward to sleeping in before we head up to school.

My school.

To my classroom.

I’m a teacher!!! YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


A Post for Pete August 21, 2008

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I am writing this post for Pete cause he says I never update my blog.

Well,  he’s right.

Sorry about that!! So a lot has happened over the past, I dunno, month? One of those things is huge though and it deserves it’s own post, so we will get to that in a bit. Let’s just say the deep depression I was finding myself falling into has suddenly ben lifted, and I’m the happiest I have ever been – though a bit overwhelmed!! More on that later though!

Life has been going on as usual. Work was driving me crazy, the days have been nice and hot, and summer school came and went. I taught 3rd grade summer school from July to August and loved it. It was fabulous-even if the district makes me a bit angry. Hana is getting big now and is turning into a very nice little girl. Her and the kitties are getting along a bit better and she’s not huge, which is good!

Oh and remember how I said that my job was driving me crazy? I put a fix to that quickly-I quit! Wednesday (yesterday) was my last day!

My mom also came to town and we finally picked my wedding dress!! Yipppeee! We had a good time while she was here. She came out for a long weekend  and we shopped, ate, swam (well actually it was cold, so we didn’t swim much), and had a great time!.

Well off for a bit. More later!!


Check again

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Have you seen my Countdown to the Half Blood Prince????????? And how the numbers magically changed to almost a year from now!!!!!?????

Stupid Warner Brothers.

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