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Weekend Plans May 26, 2008

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Our weekend plans included:

  • Eric fixing the roof/chimney
  • Jumping out of airplanes
  • Setting up my classroom
  • Having a picnic at the park
  • Planting roses
  • Playing at the dog park
  • Spending time with a good friend

We went to Start Skydiving this weekend for the first time-well the first time for me anyway. Its a pretty decent DZ. I hate leaving SGC. But they only have 182s now and we are just not interested in jumping those-especially at normal jump ticket prices. Start has a caravan and tickets can be bought in bulk-cheap! The landing area is HUUUGE. It was amazing. Some old friends were there and we had a good time. I only made 2 jumps though-wasn’t feeling the greatest. But I ended up having a good time.

We visited my classroom today and I brought a lot of my books and such down. I am really excited about tomorrow. I am also a bit nervous. But, at least I know the kids, and it’ll be great.

After we were done in the classroom we were suppose to head down to Hocking Hills, but the weather turned to junk, so we headed back home. We had a picnic at Pickerington Ponds then took Hana back. I went on pursuit of a Wii Fit which I have not been able to find-and still was not able to find. The we finally found my roses I had been looking for to plant out front-yay!

The weather finally turned nice so we brought Hana to the dog park-and she got to swim for the first time! I will have to post some soon.

All in all it was a decent Memorial Day weekend-back to reality tomorrow!


Is the weekend over yet? May 24, 2008

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Um, did I seriously just say that?

I am just so excited about teaching next week!

I spent about 3 hours today planning for next week. Since grads are all submitted we are going to be having a bit of fun. I am doing a thematic unit on the ocean. I robbed the library yesterday of all of their books on the ocean that looked interesting and planned out our activities today. I think the kids are really going to enjoy it and we’ll have a little bit of fun while learning at the same time!

It’s going to be so nice to actually love my job 🙂


Keys and Weddings May 23, 2008

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Two big things happened today:

  1. I got the keys to my classroom
  2. We put a deposit down on out wedding

Um yeah, so since I never update this thing you are probably thinking, what!?

I got a longish-term sub job for the remainder of the year. The teacher (aka Sarah) has decided to move to CHINA! And since she is leaving soon, she needs to get ready, so she is no longer teaching. And, they needed someone to take over and they picked me! So I am not a first grade teacher. Well, at least I am until June 2nd. Beyond that we will have to wait and see.

As for the deposit. We toured Confluence Park Restaurant a few weeks ago and LOVED it. We thought it over and decided it was the place for us so we secured our date tonight with our deposit. Yeah!!

Keep your eye out for a wedding page soon!


Enagement Photos! May 10, 2008

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Yayy! We got them today and I am very happy with the results! they came out great! For the full gallery version, visit my Picasa Web Album


About Me Survey=) May 3, 2008

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The Basic
Name? Kristi
Age? 23
Birthdate? 11/20/1984
Hair Color? Dark brown
Eye Color? Green
Height? 4’10.75
Herritage? Italian, German, Irish, English, Russian, and a lot more-basically a mutt
Zodiac Sign? Scorpio

This or That:

Pepsi or Coke? Depends on my mood
Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate
Mc Donald’s or Burger King? No longer eat fast food, but if I did, it would be Burger King
Day or Night? Day
Hugs or Kisses? Both
Summer or Winter? Summer


Bestfriend? I hold all of my friends close, but closest right now is Amey
Age? 24
Where did you Meet? College, we were roommates, chosen by fate!
What made you guys best friends? She gets me-and she likes Chipotle
Last time you guys talked? last night

Who Did You Last:

Kiss? Hana
Went to the Movies With? Eric
Hold Hands with? Eric
Spend time with? Sarah
Email? A local school district
Text? Kerry
Dance with in public? Eric


Single Or Taken? Very taken
If Single, are you interested in Someone?
If Taken, what is his/her Name? Eric
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about them? 15 🙂
Name 1 thing you guys have in common? We love each other!


Where did you last go? Myrtle Beach
What country do you want to visit? Australia
what has been the farthest place you’ve gone to? France-or maybe Belgium-they are close
where do you not want to go? Anywhere scary

Think About It:

If you were to choose one car to drive for the rest of your life, what would you choose? A Honda-only cause it would last
Would you be able to survive if all of your electronics broke? Of course, would I like it? probably not
If you were on your way to a job interview and a person accidently bumped into you, causing them to spill their coffee on you, what would you do? Buy a new shirt if possible, otherwise apologize profusely


Color? Purple
Movie? Little Mermaid
Video Game? Mario Cart 🙂
Drink? Sangria


What do you think about the word “Moist”? Wet
Do you own a Ipod? Yes
Do you own a Cell Phone? Yes
If so what kind? Razr
Do you read the Bible? No
Apple or Microsoft? Microsoft
Ever been in a car Accident? Yes- but i wasn’t driving
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