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I’m gonna fricken lose my mind! March 31, 2008

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We are having wedding issues once again. What happened to this being OUR wedding? Huh? I’m about to lose my mind.

In other news, it is my last 2 days of work-well real consistent work. I am here Monday and Tuesday, subbing on Wednesday then, well then I am back here thurs and fri lol. So who knows. I still can’t say I am terribly sad about the situation.

I had to go to the doctor today as I have had some funky things going on-luckily everything is ok and I will be just fine!

Oh, and I am sick-AGAIN. Luckily though this one seems to be going away rather quickly. Sick Fri, really sick Sat and par tof sunday, much better today! So I am starting to recover faster, right??????

Thats about all that is new in my world. Time to go and get some 4 year olds to sleep!


Big Changes! March 25, 2008

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Ok so it has been killing me not to post this, but I had to wait until I gave proper notice to all of the right people!

Last week I put it my notice that as of April 2nd, 2008 I will no longer be the Assistant Director at the place I currently work.  Instead I am going to be working for a local school district-yeah!! Subbing will be interesting-but at least I can hope it guarantees me a job for next year! We can only hope and see!

So I am not leaving where I work completely. I will still be there on days I am not at the school and I will be back for summer-so it’s really not going to be too bad!

In other news-I think we are getting married in Jamaica! It shorter distance away-its GORGEOUS and we may have even found a nice resort there! But tis still over a year away-so we’ll have to see! Things change all the time!

Well, American Idol is on, so its off with me! More later!


I just can’t take it anymore March 7, 2008

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I’m reaching my breaking point-real fast too.

And no worries-this has nothing to do with Eric or the engagement! Or wedding planning for that matter!


The muddy little puppy March 3, 2008

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dscf1426.jpgSo. We learned a very important lesson this weekend. Sometimes going to the dog park on a nice day isn’t always such a great idea! This is little Hana. We had only been at the park for about 5 minutes before she looked like this! But we had a fantastic time-despite the mud!

She was pretty funny this time. It was only our second time hitting the dog park, but we had high hopes for her since she did so well last time. Well, this time, she again decided to try and escape back through the gate for the first few minutes, but after awhile she started playing-and screaming! She was being such a wimp! Every time another dog would jump on her or try to play with her, she’d start yelping! She finadscf1432.jpglly got over it once we moved out of the mud and out onto the solid ground but she was still a little skittish. I think it just had a lot to do with the mud, and new dogs, new environment. All told she had a great time. She’s getting a lot better at listening. She was coming when called and chasing a ball and bringing it back and even dropping it! We even got her to go into the water! She was PETRIFIED at first. But she finally managed to calm down and soon running through it was no big deal whatsoever! Luckily, once it was time to go, we had brought a ton of towels with us! o the car didn’t get too dirty! It took about a half hour just to get her clean in the shower once we got back (and us too!) and she was not happy, but I think we’d all do it again 🙂 Or next time we may just head to the Gahanna dog park which is supposedly not nearly as bad on springy days! Here’s a few more pics of her at the park 🙂


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