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Eric’s Birthday, the Nintendo Wii, Mountain Biking, Changes at the job, and more. June 29, 2007

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Whew! Does the title say enough?

So life’s been good and rough. Work has been extremely frustrating lately for a few reasons. First of which, we had to let 2 teachers go for reasons I cannot disclose-but lets just say it was obvious what the consequence was once they did what they did. However one of these people has decide to take revenge on me since i was doing my job and reported one of the incidents and is therefore trying to make my life hell by attempting to get me fired. Another person has taken part in this as well. Luckily it seems that people are viewing it as ugly manipulative revenge, and while they have to go ahead and investigate the “claims” its fairly obvious what the outcome of these will be. Sheesh. Can’t we all just get along?

In other news, Eric’s birthday was on Tuesday. I wanted him to have the perfect birthday and was having trouble deciding what I should get him. Then I thought of it-a Nintendo Wii! So I went to get one. NOWHERE in Columbus had them! I called EVERYWHERE-even as far as Lancaster-no-one had one. So I was all upset and told him I had been searching and searching. Then Tuesday I went to Best Buy to get him some Battlestar DVD’s and guess what was sitting on the shelf? ONE SINGLE WII!!!!!!!!!!!1I ran to it, grabbed it, hugged it, then asked someone if it was real hehe. Wrapped it in the car, brought it home and made one very cute 27 year old boy very happy.  He was happy but tried to play it off-20 mins later though it was all hooked up and he was playing away. 🙂 (Ok I won’t lie, I wanted to play too!)

After cooking Eric his requested birthday dinner (bratwursts-what a dork lol) we headed up to Alum Creek State Park and hit their mountain biking trails-soo much fun! Mountain biking is totally my new thing! I’m in love with it!

Not much else is new here. Just trying not to quit my job, trying to find a teaching job, and now saving for a new bike! My new jumpsuit should be here soon-its going to be soo pretty! I got a firefly freefly suit-it’s a 2 piece and it’s purple and teal. I’m so excited to see it! It should be here early next week. I also just got myself a backpack too which is also very exciting. That should be here early next week too!

Well I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed. More soon!


Protected: June 23, 2007

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Freefly! June 11, 2007

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I can freefly now! I spent all weekend working really hard to learn to sitfly. By the end of the weekend it really worked out nicely-I was able to sit with Eric the entire skydive and have a lot of fun!!!

It’s nice to enjoy skydiving again.  I enjoyed it so much I made 11 jumps! Thats a lot for me! And it was sooo much fun! 🙂


Mean People Suck

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Well, they do.

I swear, I didn’t spend $50,000 on education to be treated like shit.


Yo! June 1, 2007

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I’m Fullllll. We went to Genji tonight. MMMMMMMMM. So good.

Dan leaves tomorrow which makes me sad. I’ve enjoyed having him out here. I am looking forward to him being at OSU this fall.

On Thursday we had lots of fun. I took the day off, we got up at 6 and by 7am we were headed up North to glorious Sandusky, Ohio-home of the million indoor waterparks. Oh, and CEDAR POINT.

We had SOOOO much fun. We rode like 8 million roller coaster including the newest-Maverick. OMG. Talk about amazing!

I can’t wait to go back again! We only rode Maverick once because it was soo hot and we weren’t feeling so hot by the time it FINALLY opened (it was closed most of the day-apparently there was no electric going to the train). But it was ok. We also rode Millennium Force twice, the FRONT seat of Top Thrill dragster. And a million other rides! SOO much fun!

Well I should get going. Danny’s gotta get packing! More later!

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