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Parker Maddux Chase February 19, 2007

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Hooray! Parker was born after about 15 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing on Sunday, February 18th, 2007 at 3:15 p.m. 20 inches long and 9.67 lbs!!

 I got to visit him today. Isn’t he adorable??


I’m so proud of Sarah! She had a really rough labor, but from the sounds of it, she did great! Congratulations Sarah and Jeremy!!

More pictures of the little cutie here


LEVEL 2! February 13, 2007

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We’re getting closer…..


Snow and Ice

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Ice build up on the spoiler of my car

This picture came out sweet!

So, as you can see we are being hit by a snow and ice storm. We had a total of 40 kids out of the normal 100 or so that we typically have during the day-AND school was out so that should have jacked up the numbers even more. But it didn’t. And the weather continued to get horrible. So the Regional VP called down for our centers to be closed by 4:00. Yay!

 I’m hoping for a snowday tomorrow. Though I doubt it will happen . Tomorrow is Valentines Day but I won’t get to spend it with Eric 🙁 He is in Oregon right now, but I cna’t be too sad cause I know he is having a lot of fun and working his butt off-so it’s ok. besides we are heading to Disney one week from Saturday! I can’t wait!

I’m really hoping I can sleep in tomorrow-but I really doubt it 🙁 We need a level 3 emergency to close. Right now we areat a level 1. 🙁

 For more pics, check out here : http://www.craizeydaizey.com/SnowandIce/


Where has the time gone? February 10, 2007

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Yes, it’s been forever. People have been complaining to me to update my blog. Especially Pete who said he needed me to update so that he has something to do at work! So I’m going to try my best to being updating and telling you what’s going on.

First off, we transformed our house! It’s gorgeous now! (not that it was ever ugly!) basically, we got rid of this:
The before
and turned it into this:
The after

Gorgeous, huh?? We are very proud of ourselves!

Hmm, what else is new? I thought I wanted to leave my job and go start subbing. But after talking to a friend, I think I have decided that that is not the route for me to go. I don’t want to be a mean teacher like she said she has to be. And I also don’t want to no know the names of the children I am teaching. I am content where I am – for now. But I really wish I had a real teaching job. Hopefully in the near future I will.

In other news, Amey is coming to visit on Friday! Yayyy! I’m so excited! Eric is leaving me all week-in fact, he’s not gonna be back until Friday after Amey gets here. So I took all of Friday off of work and I may go to OSU that morning to find out about getting my masters here soon. Then I’ll get her that afternoon and we’ll probably go to Chipotle or something 😀 Cause Ohio Chipotle is the best Chipotle around!

 There’s something else special about that day-the 16th. It’s Sarah’s due date! Hooray! So far, no baby yet, but hopefully soon. I can’t wait to go meet Parker!

Come to think of it I don’t think I have ever mentioned Sarah in a blog before. Sarah was my first real friend in Ohio. She’s pretty cool-also a teacher, and moved here from Florida (and Virginia) last year. Her husband Jeremy is a pilot and a Start-trek fan as well, so him and Eric get along pretty well since they can talk aviation and well, geek stuff 😉 Anyway, I was so excited when I met Sarah cause everyone else I “knew” in Ohio (through work mostly) had children. So I was so happy to meet another couple that didn’t. Then, a few days later Sarah told me she was pregnant. haha. Oh well. I’m really excited about her having Parker now. And I am especially happy to be off of baby duty. Since Jeremy is a pilot he’s out of town 4 days a week, so I was the emergency contact if she went into labor early-luckily, she didn’t!

Hmmm…..not much else to report. Life is going pretty well. We are leaving for Disney in just less than 2 weeks and I am so excited! We are leaving on Sat the 24th and arriving in Orlando where we are staying at the Pop Century resort at Disney until Wednesday morning. We are going to Disney for 2 days then just hanging around Downtown Disney (and the pool!) for a day. On Wednesday we are going down to see my grandma and grandpa in Port St. lucie. Then on Thursday it’s back to Orlando for some flying in the tunnel. We’re gonna stay over there for a night then head over to Tampa to hit the beach and see our friend Kris. We may possibly hit Zhills while we are there too (but that’s doubtful, I think. At least for me since I am not current, and I am not getting current at a new DZ) Then On Saturday, we come home. We have one day to relax then life returns to normal on Monday (ew.)

Well I should get going. I need a shower and to get ready for the day.

 Oh! One last thing. We are having a party on Saturday! Yayyy. It’s a graduation party for me! Yay!! I’m very excited!



I’m still alive February 8, 2007

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Yes Im here, just no time to write lately! Work has been crazy busy and I haven’t been online much (shocking huh?).

I’ll be getting a break here soon though! Next weekend Amey is coming! Then, at the end of this month Eric and I arte gonna go play a bit with Mickey Mouse.


More later. Really. I’m not lying.

But for now it’s off to bed

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