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A New Year, A New Home, and Hey, I GRADUATED! January 3, 2007

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Yes that’s right, you are lookng at (or shuld i say reading) a college graduate. I have a Bachelors degree. SWEET. It’s a B.S. How appropriate 😉

So the holidays are over and Eric and I got a ton of things for the house which is great! the bad thing is we had trouble fitting it all in the car and I need to go back to New York soon to get it all! hahaha. One more car trip should do it.

Back to New York. Yup, weird. I live in Ohio now. I am an official Ohioan! WHOOO HOO. I made it. I didn’t even cry (much). 🙂

I started my new job-after much confusion (of course life is never easy for me) I worked Friday (illegally turns out) then I had Monday off cause of 2007 🙂 Tuesday off (cause management screwed up) and half of today off (again due to management). but now I’m “approved” and legal so things should be ok now 🙂

I no longer work at Pathmark! yayy! No more crazy people! (thank gpd) can you believe I actually cried when I left though? Insane right?

Well I should get going. More later

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