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I’m freakin exhausted December 11, 2006

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So after my little emotional outburst last night I coulnd’t manage to fall asleep all night long. I finally fell asleep round 530 am. UGH. I had to be up at 630. Im dragggging today.

I solo taught today which went pretty well. I felt like I was rambling half the day and had no idea what I was doing since my teacher was out sick on Friday and she hadn’t done her plan book yet. So I just kinda winged it. It went well. Friday I got to teach all day too cause she was out. That was nice except for the fact that the TA is a pain in the neck and was annoying all day.

Im starting to bind with these kids a bit more. And it almsot makes me sad to be leaving on Thursday.


haha. Im counting down the days…3 more and no more student teaching! Then I just need to finish (read: Start) my dumb portfolio.

Im sitting in the computer lab right now awaiting seminar to start in about 10 mins or so. I don’t feel like going at all. I am so tired. Then I am going to grandpas for dinner. Danny and I are picking up some mexican food. Should be YUMMMY.

Well i supose I should go before I fall asleep in the computer lab….Later!


I made myself cry tonight

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I think im starting to get scared….



2 weeks Notice December 8, 2006

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So for the past 3 years I have worked a crummy job at night to pay for my bills throughout college.

This week I handed in my notice.

Two weeks from today I will be a college graduate! No more long nights checking people out at the grocery store while attempting to study or do homework in between customers. No more disliking my job because I know I went to school for EXACTLY what I want to do for the rest of my life. No more being in a place I have grown to dislike being in greatly.

Two weeks from today I will be picking my life up and moving it halfway across the country-away from nearly everything I know. I’m so excited. I’m also petrified.

I can’t wait to graduate-and I especially can’t wait to leave this job!

I think the first thing I’ll do is take a nap. A very long nap.

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