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Is it over yet? November 29, 2006

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I mean seriously. I’m done. I can’t take this much longer.

It’s not that I am sick of teaching, it’s that I’m sick of teaching in someone else’s classroom. I have ideas on how I want to do things, but I don’t want to step on her toes either. Im jsut ready to be finished!!!!!! And get of job of my own…though that doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon either. Thank goodness for backup plans!!

I did submit my resume to a bunch of places and got about 6 or 7 responses within the first day. Unfortunately the vast majority of them were for more childcare centers-soemthing I’m trying to get out of rather than in to!

My job does look interesting though. I will be managaement and I will get to work on the curriculum in the center. Plus, Sarah is going on maternity leave so I get to play assistant director for a bit too which will be great! (I think)

Well I supose I should get going. I just need to get through this day then things will be peachy. Tomorrow I don’t have to work so that’s nice. The Friday i am taking a half a day and going to see Eric! Yay!! I think Amey may be coming to visit too! Im going to pawn her off on Dave lol. I think they’ll hit it off right away (I hope!)


SOOOO Close!! November 26, 2006

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I’m counting down! Its getting closer!! Only about 3 more weeks of student teaching, then, i’m OUT of here!!!

Im happy cause I get to move to Ohio, I’m sad cause I have to leave my family and friends. Oh. And live in sin LOL.

In other news. Im attempting to play matchmaker for two people who I think would be really good together! I think theyd hit it off!

This weekend I am going to Ohio. yayyy! I get to see soem of my ohio friends and most importantly get to see my sweetie 🙂

This week we are reading cricket in times square. Im excited cause we get to read about NY and I get to teach about it 🙂 yay!

Well I should go to bed, I have a busy week ahead of me!


So much to say, so little time! November 11, 2006

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Ugh, ok, so I havent posted much here. Ive been a crazy person lately, always doing soemthing! The past few weeks have been crazy! Mia and I have talked some and she came out to visit me at Pathmark one day 🙂 So thats good news there! We’re trying to get together at some point soon!

Im in 4th grade now, and its…well it’s going. Ok, Ill be honest. I’m not thrilled. But its gettting better. I think.

I’ll have to elaborate more later though, Amey’s jsut about here. Shes coming over and we are going to watch Cars and hang out.

More later…or soon…I promise

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