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11:59p.m. October 24, 2006

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Its’ way too late and I’m way too sore, and I should be way too tired.

This vicodins having adverse effects on me.

I taught all day today. Alone. Just me. Yippeee! I feel like a teacher 🙂

Pains subsiding…till I got to work…course that cooulda been just work. I did actually eat today though! :-O I’m slowly progressing to solid foods. I feel like I’m 2. LOL.

Potato salad was a bad idea tonight though. But I wanted it sooo bad. 🙁 *wine*

Dizzy got hurt today 🙁 She’ll be ok though.

OMG Eric got a cool new…well not really a job but something like that.

Oh and speaking of jobs, I got a new offer in Ohio. 😀 Still working on something else though too. Maybe I can combine them. That would rock!!

More tomorrow! Full sentances and ideas evem. I promise!



Relief!! October 23, 2006

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Ahhh I am feeling some relief. I still sound funny, but at least Im feeling better!

After some reearch I believe I have developed dry sockets. According to google thats why I had the new medecine put on today. He never mentioned anything though, so ill have to ask tomorrow.

Cross your fingers that I wake up feeling even better!!!


Did you know that Vicodin comes in two forms?

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Regular and extra strength. After blowing through 20 regular vicodin, and still experiening excruciating pain, I return to the dentist today to see whats up and he put some more anesthetc stuff on my teeth and gave me a new prescription for more vicodin- or should I say, Extra Strength vicodin.


I think Ill try and get some more sleep.


OW October 21, 2006

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ok, so now i really hurt 🙁 🙁 🙁

im gonna cry


I feel dead

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haha. So im still laying here. Im pretty exhausted and still a bit groggy, but im doing pretty well. Not too much pain and i jsut began to get a teeny bit of swelling-but nothing too bad. Nothing i can’t live with.

Been talking on the phone a bunch to Eric and to Jennifer and then watching a bit of tv. Watched soem spongebob and then Helen came home and we watched Just Like Heaven. I love Reese Witherspoon. Now Im watching some Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone. I think Ill stay here again tonight and relax a bit some more before having to head back to school tomorrow. Then on Monday I return to school. But luckily I dont have seminar that night so I can just come back and relax.

This is definitely not horrible-but its far from wonderful!!!

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