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I love my job June 29, 2006

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Really I do…most of the time. Summertime rocks cause I get paid to do some fun things! So far this summer I’ve played in the park (devil’s vs. jaguaras baseball) and was a cheerleader with Sarah (GOOOO!), I’ve gone to Fudruckers and ate a delicious free burger (not only was it free,  but i got paid to eat it!), explored underground caves, observed a large skeleton of a giant sloth, and watched Over the Hedge at the movies while the kids behaved so well! (The movie was pretty cute, Im going to see it again today). Oh and yesterday during playground time, I played a mean game of girls chase boys! hahaha.

Then again, theres a lot of work to get to the rewards. Lots of yelling, and screaming all day long. Tattling is horrible in my room. And then there are the raging hormones in my room this year. I think everyone has a crush on everyone else. Even my 5 year olds! Geeez. Too young! lol

Well….speaking of work, i guess I should go. Im exhausted though. We did a lot of work around the house last night and have some more to do tonight. Oh yay.

I hope I don’t fall asleep during over the hedge again today.


I really should… June 27, 2006

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Learn to update this thing more! Geez. I’ve been horrible.

Lets see, whats going on? I jsut got back from NY. We went out for the weekend for my brothers graduation. It was pretty nice. I can’t believe he’s graduated from HS. Its crazy.

hmm what else? my car is broken. It had a leak in the gas tank and now it appears it has decided to work after we fixed it. Well actually, I supose I should say after Eric fixed it. But I helped!

Ive started looking at some new cars. We’ll jsut have to see what I can find.

Im really tired. I have so much more unpacking to do at home. However, Im not home at the moment. I am sitting in the waiting room at Honda waiting for eric’s car to get done. He picked me up at work since we are sharing a car.

Well, I should get going. I think I’ll look at some more used cars online. I wonder if Honda will get mad if I look at their competition online? haha.

Well, more later I supose

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