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Shannon :( May 31, 2006

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 Im still in shock over this…can’t believe it happened. Shannon was so great, and its unbelievable that we will never see her again 🙁

 Shannon we love you and we’re going to miss you so much. I can’t believe we’re never going to see you again 🙁 I’m still in disbelief. This didn’t actually hit me until last night and then it hit hard. Eric told me as soon as he read it. It replays over and over in my head. I wish we could have seen you again after Dublin. Im so glad we got to see you then.

I take comfort in knowing it was something you loved to do. I just wish you could have done it longer 🙁 You’re posts on dz.com were always so funny and you were such a great person who was so fun and full of life. You just recently left me a message on my myspace and I kept meaning to drunk dial you, but I never did…one of my biggest regrets now.

Fly free Shannon…until we meet again, we’ll never forget you! You will be greatly missed but everyone.


Alameda parachutist killed in jump
Monday, May 29, 2006

A 34-year-old Alameda woman died Monday when her parachute failed to open after she jumped from a 500-foot-high bridge over the Snake River in Idaho.

Shannon Carmel Dean slammed into the river shortly after noon at the Perrine Bridge on Highway 93, one of the most popular spots in the world for practitioners of BASE jumping — short for the buildings, antennae, spans and earth from which participants leap.

“She pulled the cord and the bridle became entangled,” said Nancy Howell, spokeswoman for the Twin Falls, Idaho, sheriff’s department. “It was a total malfunction. She had no parachute when she hit.”

The spot attracts BASE jumpers from around the world because of the bridge’s height, its lack of obstructions and the fact that no permit is required to jump.

Jumpers have fewer than five seconds to open their parachutes. Any malfunction can be fatal.

An estimated 5,000 leaps are made from the bridge each year. Howell said the sport is considered safe and there are no plans to prohibit leaps from the bridge, located about a mile from downtown Twin Falls. BASE jumping is promoted by the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, which features a photo of a jumper beneath the Perrine Bridge on the cover of its current magazine.

“The jumpers are prepared and considerate,” Howell said. “They know the risks.”

There were two other accidents on Monday at the bridge before Dean’s fatal plunge. Earlier, a female jumper injured her back and a male jumper broke his foot.

It was the third BASE jumping fatality at the bridge in four years.  



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Yeah so Im here. My room is set up, as is my computer, and Im happier than ever. i get to sleep next to my happiness every night and wake up to it each day-the days start off so much better now! (even if i do get mad at him for getting to sleep later than i do). Ive been here for 2 weeeks now. Ive gotten back into the swing of things with work (drama drama drama) and Im current and skydiving again. This past weekend has been rough though. Many skydiving incidents that leave me scared and confused. Makes me wonder if I want to continue or not. And it leaves me scared that Eric, or even I, could be next. the thought of losing eric bothers me more than anything else.

Im up to about 85 jumps now and loving it. For now…we’ll see how it goes.


Senior Year Part I- A short recap May 15, 2006

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Schools OVER!!! I will never have to sit in a classroom at SUNY Old Westbury again. Well, I take that back. Next semester I have student teaching and I have one weekly seminar with it, so I may have to one more time.

 But come December, IM DONNNNE! yayyy!

 I was a little sad to see this sesmter go. This past year I had a great time and I even made some really great amazing freinds. The funny thinkg i already knewboth of these people, but didn’t actually KNOW them till this semester.

The first of which was Amey, who of course was one of the best I made all year. Amey was my rooomate first semester and we had soo much fun! Chipotle runs and (which still continue!) and mirror bashing (which luckily has not continued!) This semster sucked without her. Im so glad I got to know her. We still go to hang out and we still talk a bunch (too much according to my verizon bill!) and Im certain I have made a  new friend for life.

Another great friend I made was Chris. He saved me from MST, helped me avoid work while making HP videos and actually worked my brain thinking about Harry Potter stuff (I think its the only time my brain worked all semester!) Plus he helped me stay up late! LOL. I was amazed cause for the first time EVER Chris stepped foot in my room, not once, not twice, but a ton of times! Of course this one 9/10 not having anything to do with me, but my roommate (whom he liked to spy on from underneath the sheet of my bed) but hey, at least I got some company right?

 AHAHAHAHA. The spring 2006 roommate. That was great. hell and get-Kristi-rich-fast quality,. Of course we stuck with the hell. More on this later though. Well of course unless Chris comments on it. LOL. Lets jsut say it involved nakedness and gave a whole new meaning to sisterly love!

So while the year was a drag in terms of schoolwork, I did have a blast. I managed to have fun, work a bit, and even learn a few things!!

So how will I remember Senior Year Part I (Part II will be this fall!)? Here are the key thinkgs I learned this year:

  • cell phones break into two when dropped on the floor of walbaums
  • mirrors are not that secure on cars, one bump to a truck that is double parked and itll come right off
  • if you lose your passenger side mirror in NYC dont expect it to be there in 5 mins when you go back for it
  •  There are a # of Chipotle’s in NYC- 14 in fact! Yayy!!
  • Amey rivals me in chipotle fanticness
  • Chris beats me in HP fanaticness
  • Betty Crocker brownie thingys are great to have the night before you *THINK* an MST project is due
  • ALWAYS check dates over and over again. Projects may not be due the day you think they are *UGH*
  • Don’t loan your car to a friend. No matter how good of a friend they are, no matter how good of a driver they are (I still love you steve)
  • I always wanted a sister, after this semster, I leanred a whole lot more about what having a sister in certain families entails LOL
  • Webcams rock-if only i had set mine up, i coulda been a millionaire!
  • Pneumonia sucks majorly!!
  • I have some of the greatest friends in the world

In short, theres a quick reflection on my year. Theres so much more, but Im getting sleepy. And Kinds Island is on the Brady bunch now! Yipppeee!!



OMG My LAST May 13, 2006

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How could I forget!!



276 baby!!!! WOOO HOOO!! Passing is a 220, perfect score is 300. I varied from like 256 to 284 or soemthing on my different section snad I got a perfect score on my essay-the one part i was fearing the most! YIPPPEEEEE!!

 oOu have no idea how relieved/excited I am!!!


Im such a liar

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In fact im becoming apathological liar with this blog. Ha! Ok, so its time for an update!!

I’m home. Im packing. I feel like I’ve been packing forever! Now its annoying though. I need to pack up everything I own and have it work its way to Ohio. So far ive gote 2 piles going on. One in the kitchen thats going to Ohio. And one in the hall thats staying for school. Then theres still a few that I still need to go thru in my room. And then theres a billion more in the bsement. Eric and I got a moving truck for June. 450! Not too shabby considering Uhaul wanted over a grand. So we can haul everything out to Ohio. And then Ill be done! With the exception of my college stuff-half of which will be passed on to danny anyway.

Tomorrow we are going to Vermont for Mothers day. I get to see my grandparents! Yay!! And a lot of the rest of my family too. yay! I do love my family, and thats onebig thing ill miss when I move.

Well i need to get soemthing to drink then head to bed. More later.  I mean it this time!!

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