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Home Sweet Home February 17, 2006

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Ok, so I went back to the doctor on Wednesday and she said my lungs are pretty clear again! Yayyy!! No more pneumonia for me! However, she did say to take it easy as I still have the fly and the pnumonia could easily come back (booo) so she put me on bed rest through the end of the week. Which means no class for Kristi.

So, I went home!

I knew I was sick on the way home. First off, driving jsut wasn’t the smartest move. I wasn’t feeling all that hot and I was in a fog most of the drive. That and the people made me mad. Then again, how is that any different than any other day? 😉

The second reason I knew I was sick? I left Long Island at 3:45pm. On a Wednesday. Not if you don’t live in or around a city you may be going so what? If you do live in one, you’re probably thinking. You’re an idiot.  Who on earth leaves to drive UPSTATE through NYC traffic in the beginning of rush hour.

Yup, that was me.

However, all in all it wasn’t bad. I actually only got stuck for about 5 minutes in non moving traffic. It quickly progressed to slowly moving traffic and the 2 hour and 30 minute drive took jsut that-2 hours and 30 minutes! (actually it was 2 hr and 20 min!I got home at 6:10)

So my dad helped me bring in my things-10,000 loads of laundry basically. I brought my sheets, my clothes, my blankets, everything with icky pneumonia jerms on them. I then collapsed on the couch!

My mom came home bearing juice, soup, and even chocolate! Yum! She spent the next 24 hours taking care of me. I love my parents!!

And today they’re gone. They left a few hours ago to go to Myrtle Beach. Jerks. lol, j/k. I wish I could go. But then again, Eric’s coming today!! In fact he jsut landed a few minutes ago in Philly. His flight for Albany takes off in just over an hour then I get to see him!!!! Hoooray!! I can’t wait!

Well, I should get going. My hair’s still wet and I need to finsih getting dressed. I got out of the shower and put my pj pants back on! lol Im feeling a lot better, but Im still lacking normal amounts of energy-all I want to do is lounge and sleep!!! Oh well. Next time I sleep it’ll be cuddled up with Eric 🙂


What a sucky Valentines Day February 15, 2006

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My love is in Dallas out having fun without me and I’m stuck in my room, in my bed, sick as hell, feeling miserable :'( This sucks.

Helen brought over some pizza tonight. It felt good hitting my stomach, but it tasted horrible. Like cardboard. I can’t wait until I am feeling better.

I can’t wait until Friday. Eric’s coming! His flight gets in at 9pm and mom and dad are leaving at for Myrtle Beach at like 3. So I’m going to meet up with Stephanie and we’re gonna go to the mall and have dinner. I’m excited. I havent seen her in awhile, we have lots of catching up to do!!

Oh! Yesterday I noticed Chris wasnt feeling well so I warned him about what the doctor said was going round campus. Mia was there and she imed me and we talked a bit. It was nice. She said she was going to unblock me and say hi once in awhile, which made me feel a bit better. We also talked about some other things. That’s definitely a start.

I read a quote from someone earlier and it said: “I don’t understand, I probably never will…but nothing is going to be the way it was….and I don’t know what that means…”

I think it fits the situation perfectly. I don’t think things wll ever be the same, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing either. Only time will tell. I do hope at some point she and I can get together and talk about it and patch things up!

Just makes you remember, never take anything in life for granted. One minute you may have something or someone you cherish very dearly and the next you may not. And you don’t realize how much you truly miss it until its gone compeltely. Life gets so hechtic sometimes, but you’ve got to take a step back every once in awhile and see what you are missing out on.

Ugh. I hope eric calls soon. Im not too sleepy, but my body is kind of achy. I have a doctors appointment in the morning. Hopefully I will wake up feeling better and she will tell me I’m progrssing well! 🙂

I’m gonna head to bed and maybe read a bit. I’ve got a few choices. I could review some biology, or read some harry potter. or I could read the US weekly I have. Reading about some of those lives of those celebrities will make having pneumonia sound like a picnic!!


My friends are amazing! February 14, 2006

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So it started with Helen buying me a cute spongebob thermometer. Then she brought me to the hospital. Megan cooked up some soup and brought it to me last night. Steve just got me some hot New England Clam Chowder (my favorite!!) from the student union and delivered it to my room with promises to bring more later and Helen is bringing by some soup that i can make anytime! These guys are wonderful. I think Im gonna cry!

So I slept last night! Can you believe it! Im amazed too cause the sleep schedule went something like this:

  • 10:45 ~Initial attempt at sleeping
  • Midnight ~wake up and take tylenol so my fever doesn’t skyrocket to over 105 degrees again; also must take antibiotics so hopefully i feel better in the am; then back to sleep
  • 6am-wake back up and take more meds so that again, my brain doesn’t fry, back to sleep
  • 9:00 am- wake up, take antibiodics, and call my bio professor and explain to him that I cant make his test since I have pneumonia and beg and plead to be able to make it up; then back to sleep.

I then went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till 1230! Quite an accomplishment! Oh and I never did fall asleep right at 1045. First off I couldn’t get comfy. Then, Futurama came on and it was on I’d never seen before (Bender turns into a were-car and tries to kill everyone after inheriting his uncles castle.) Then family guy came on and it was the one where stewie decides to move to Jolly farm. I like that episode so even though i was trying to sleep, I never did lol. So at midnight eric called and I took my meds and I fell right to sleep! It was amazing. I slept straigt until 6 when my alarm went off. I woke up in a lot of pain. My chest hurt tons. Had soem trouble falling back to sleep. Never did get in touch with the bio professor so I left a message, and now I jsut have to hope he takes pity on me. Then I slept until 1230! I was amazed.

This coughing is driving me insane. I cough and then i start choking lol. Oh well. At least Im feeling somewhat better and my temp is coming down. Hooray!

Well, Im gonna go find something to entertain me for a few. Plus my honey said he’d call in a few…ohh and my phone ringing now-maybe its him! Bye!



Pneumonia February 13, 2006

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I can’t believe I have fricken pneumonia!

 Went to to the ER last night with a fever of 105. ONE HUNDREND FIVE! I;ve never had a fever that high. The doctor was a jerk. He rushed me thru the whole things and told me I wasn’t taking enough meds. Double the doses. The doses on the bottles are for babies. Well, thanks for your help doc.

He told me to follow up with my doctor today. So I did. She confirmed it. Pneumonia. And she said the ER doctor was a jerk too. My bed rest was also increased until wednesday. Joy.

So now Im on amoxycillan and i have to take tylenol and ibuprofen every 6 hours alternating to keep my fever down (even with pumping my body full of meds the fevers still anywhere from 100.5 to 101.5-who knew that that temp would sound so good though). I have throat longes cause the coughing hurts so much. And my chest is killing me.

Ugh. Im going back to bed.


BLAH February 12, 2006

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So I’m still sick. And now I know I’m running a fever. Helen’s kinda enough to bring me back a thermometer. I go back and forth between the chills and being sweaty. God I love being sick. At least the coughing is subsiding which is good cause my head hurts.

It snooowed here!! And I mean really really snowed. We got two feet!! It’s so pretty outside 🙂 I wish I could go out!! But being as how I have the symptoms of pneumonia, I’m staying parked in bed.

Soo, apparently Mia decided she was going to block me on aim. I thought it was odd that she was never online. i created a new name and ta-da! there she was. So I was like, uhh why’d you block me? No answer, then shortly after, Mia signs off line. Ok, I’m not stupid, clone aim again. And guess who’s online once again. What the hell? I didn’t do anything. She was the one who said she wanted to continue talking. Then she blocks me. Kinda like our friendship I guess. I should be used to being blocked by now I suppose.

I feel like Im in 5th grade again. Oooh Kristi did something mean, lets give her the silent treatment-it’ll be fun!. Some people need to grow the hell up.


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