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I can’t sleep, theres too much on my mind. January 31, 2006

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Too much on my mind. Yup thats gotta be it.

I wrote a letter to Mia tonight. I wasn’t mean, I dont think I was sappy. i stated exactly how I felt. The balls in her court now. Hmm I shoulda said that at the end haha.

I dont regeret sending it (yet) and I dont think I will. I said nothing mean, I pointed out how I felt. So it should be ok

I dont know why I care so much. I shoudn’t. I mean like everyone has said, why bother with soemone who can jsut throw it out. I think Eric thinks im better off. But he doesn’t know. All he hears is me complain. So I don’t think he really understands, He says its a part of life and it is, but that doesn’t mean I’m ok with it.

 I wish I could sleep. I was hoping once i wrote that letter I would be able to. But im still wide awake.

My ear is killing me. I think its left over from the cold. My ears like tingle inside. Maybe I should get them looked at tomorrow.

Well I think Im gonna go lay down. Watch some roseanne. Maybe I’ll fall asleep. Goodnight.


IMAX, Chipotle, and Family Guy January 29, 2006

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Oh my god. IMAX theatres are AMAZING. Absoultely amazing. And HUUUGE. Ameys face when we walked in was so funny. Her jaw just dropped. The site of it was pretty amazing.

We found seats right in the center and up close and we were amazed just by the previews alone. The movie wasfantastic. but a lot of things were different from the book. But it was ok, it basicaly followed it. They also skipped a lot, which was understable. I mean the books over 400 pages long. I guess it was just a little tough to squeeze all of that into 2.5 hours.

 The special effects were alwesome though. Esecially the quiddich world cup. It was absoultely awesome.

Chipotle was yummy too!!! Except my burrito started to fall apart so I had to eat it with a fork. i think Ill go back to my vegetarian burritos. The chicken was good, but I think i like it better without it. Then again it may also have been the pinto beans. I know form now on Ill definitely be getting the black ones.

 Oh last night Helen and I rented The Dukes of Hazzard. It was actually pretty good. It got a lot of bad reviews, but I liked it. And jessica wasn’t too horrible in it either.

So today I saw a video on someones myspace. And a link to where they got it. the video was of family guy!! It was just a clip, but I  found an entire episode.  And I even found the one when theyre making fun of the FCC on a recent episode. Heres a link to all of the family guy clips, (I hope it works if you click on it too!)

 Yuck, I have to go to work soon. I have to leave in like 5 minutes. Yay. Its only 5 hours though so I guess its ok. I jsut hope its busier than ysterday was. yesterday was bsuy for like a few hours. But the other 2 hours just dragged on forever.

I supose I should get going…More later I supose.


This day is starting out bad but I know it’ll end up sooo good. January 27, 2006

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So my day “officially” started off with me being awoken at 3am to my cell phone. It decided it was going to turn it self on then back off multiple times. I couldnt get the dumb thing to charge or do anything but make noise so finally I yanked the battery and went back to sleep. I had some trouble falling back to sleep even though I was super comfy.

 Then someone called my room and woke me up.

 ThenI went to lab and it lasted the whole time. And now, I have to go to work. Yuck.

But its ok. its all getting better cause after i get out of work Im gonna meet Amey and we’re gonna go to Chipotle and HARRY POTTER! Yippeeeeee!! I can’t wait!

Well, I need to get to work, but I promise to update more later!


A Major Accomplishment in My World. January 24, 2006

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Ok, this si probably going to sound retarded to anyone reading this, but tonight was a major night.

I got hungry. I wanted to go to dinner. I couldn’t find anyone to go to dinner with me. So I went by myself.

 lol. Ok I’m not that pathetic, really. Ok, maybe I am. I don’t like going places alone. never have. I’m definitely insecure. But tonight I was starving, and noone would go. So I got up and walked to dinner. This was amajor accomplishment for a few reasons:

  • It worked on my new years resolution to stop being so lazy
  • I actually went somewhere by myself.
  • It also woked on ym new years resolution to lose weight as i had the added exercise of walking there and I ate soemthng relatively healthy (i count beef as healthy)

Now don’t get me wrong. Don’t think I’m some kinda freak who stays wholed up in my room doing absoultely nothing all the time. Just some of the time. And I can go do certain things by myself. I jsut…prefer not to go to soem place like the cafeteria alone. I feel like everyones staring at me.

But it was ok and I lived. Now Im nice and full and contemplating a chocolate covered mint. hehehe.

 I need to do some reading for homework. Maybe I’ll write more later.



I’m sad tonight

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 Imagine being friends with someone for close to 12 years. You go to college and you start to grow apart, but you know you will always be friends.  Because you made a promise, you made a vow. You’ll be friends till the end. Imagine that you know this, and then it seems, the other person does not.

 Imagine that they do something to hurt you and you don’t speak for a month. Then it’s this friend’s birthday, and you think its a perfect oppurtunity to say, hey let’s make up and move on. So you send them a message and their response is basically why the hell are you talking to me, what do you want? Our friendships over, lets move on.

 I’ll tell you why I’m talking to you. I missed you. Missed is the key word in that sentance. After the act you put on tonight I know you are no longer the girl who used to be my best friend. No longer the girl I could laugh and share my deepest thoughts, feelings, and secrets with. But a girl who doesn’t have the time to make for her friend, the girl who no longer wants to make the effort. What happened to you? All I asked for was an hour-a laugh, a bagel, shopping, or just hanging out and talking. But in return you gave me nothing. We finally did speak and you acted as if it was torture; you gave up, you said good-bye and left me feeling more hurt than I’ve ever felt before. If you can throw away 12 years of friendship in the course of one night, then perhaps it’s not even worth the effort to try and fix it.

 Tears fell from my eyes tonight, but you know what? I don’t think you care. You certainly don’t act like it. And that hurts me more than anythng else ever has. I always thought noone could change that much after you’ve known them for so long. I still believe that. Afterall, we both hold about 12 years of each other inside one another. I know it’s not possible that every single quality about you that I know and admired so much has changed.

My best friend has ended our friendship tonight, and even though I have hope, I know things will never be the same.

“Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks” -Waqas Ahmad

Our lives will take on different paths than we always hoped they would. I no longer have the person who I always swore would be near me till the end. No longer do I have the person who had experienced so much of life with me and who was set to experience so much more. You were to be my maid of honor-I was looking forward tohonoring you for all of the things we’d been through. Or the person who said we’d get together no matter how far away we lived from one another just to see one another and catch up. I no longer have the person who holds nearly half my life. All I have is an empty space that I’m not sure could ever be re-filled.

We always swore if we ever lost touch, we’d go to our high school reunion to reunite once again. It was our promise to each other, it was our vow. But we see how well those work out.

So maybe I’ll see you there, it’s only a few short years away. Maybe I’ll see you there-that is, if you’re not too busy.

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