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Sickly December 24, 2005

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Of course. Wouldn’t you know that Eric’s flight was due to come in Thursday night and of course, OF COURSE i had to wake up Thursday morning feeling like crap.

I took lots and lots of meds and felt slightly better.

We were supose to go skiiing yesterday but I was just not feeling well at all so we stayed home. We wnet and got some wine up in great barrington (omg did you know they actually make wine with CHOCOLATE in it? We didn’t get that kind although im contemplating calling my mom and asking her to pick it up!) Then we bought some more medecine, came home and i about passed out. I layed in bed for like 4 hours. Bleh.

I feel a little better today (CHRISTMAS EVE!!) But still not 100%. I kept waking up cause I couldnt breathe 🙁

I feel like taking another nap right now. Maybe I wil…If i do it now while everyone is distracted maybe I can slip off top sleep without anyone noticing 😉

Merry Christmas Eve!


GRRR, GRRRR, and Double GRRRRRR December 21, 2005

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Im very angry about the MTA strike. My trip into the city with my mom tomorrow has been cancelled 🙁 GRRR. The LIRR line we were going to take in isn’t running. They said it wasn’t going to affect the LIRR and yet they cancelled a few lines of service. GRRRRRR. Those MTA jerks…they asked for a 8% raise…did you know the city offered them a 10.5% raise and they said no and struck? Greedy little bastards. (sorry I’m sure theres more to this than I understand but I am so mad right now) I usut can’t believe they chose to do this now. The busiest time in the busiest city. So much for seeeing the dead tree (haha)

I think we will be going to see my uncle instead which is ok. I haven’t seen him in awhile. And we may even see my aunt nanette too. Yay!

Anyway. My cell phone bit the dust today (dont ask-I musta done soemthing really bad to break 2 cell phones a computer all in the matter of a semester! (damn Karma!) lol) Anyway, its broke so i bought a new cheap on e off of ebay and i think ill be dropping my phone off at audiovox tomorrow. Bleh.

Well i should get going. Im On my way to Long Island to stay at my Grandpas and to get Eric tomorrow!!! Yayy I can’t wait!!

oh, If you want me to have your number, call me and leave me a vm. GRR 😉


Passed Out December 20, 2005

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Ugh. So I went to the dentist todsy today to get a chipped tooth fixed.

I passed out on the poor guy!! All i remeber is my stomach feeling really bad and telling ymself don’t throw up don’t throw up. Then they asked me if i was ok and I was like ugh now. Then they put a cold cloth on my head, it took awhile to feel better. I came home and slept for 2 hours, but I felt icky still

But, at least my tooth is fixed!

This is short but im tired and ready for bed! Oh and my trip to the city with mom is ruined on Thursday. Damn MTA 🙁


It’s Finally Over!!! December 18, 2005

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Hooray! The semester is over! One more semester of classes to go then a summer of fun then a semester of student teaching. Then I get to give Eric the greatest Christmas present of all….Me!

I can’t wait until Christmas! I did all of my wrapping today and i can’t wait to give my presents to everyone. It’s going to be so Fun. I love Christmas and I’m so excited Eric gets to spend it with us!

The only reason Im sad the semester is over is because Im oging to miss my roommate. I know I should be happy for her, but I’m really sad that shes not going to be my roommate anymore. We had some great times together!!!

On the bright side I did find a girl who may move in with me. her name is Jen and shes’s really nice. Now all we have to do is hope that she will be placed in my room!

I came home from school Thursday night. Jason helped me pack up my car after our science final (which didn’t seem too bad, but in the words of my professor- we’ll see.) ANyway, we packed up my car with all my stuff, then i checked out. I was kinda sad to be leaving. While I was waiting for my RA I just kinda stood there and looked around. I left Amey i short note telling her I’d miss her (i really will 🙁 She was such a good roommate) and then I got checked out and headed out. I got some dinner forom the Den and picked up something and hit the road. I felt the ice hitting my head just as I left. I drove home in the ice and hoped I could beat it-and I did-about 10 minutes form my house. :-S figures right?

The next morning I woke up and I was cold-why was I so cold? Cause we lost power-and HEAT! The power went off at 7am and didn’t come back until 2PM!It was horrible! My brothrs and I headed out to Walmart to do some xmas shoppiing and picure developing (have i mentioned the pics of my house are up?? Check them out Here) Then we got some pizza and headed home.

Last night I went to my aunt and uncles house and we had “thanksgiving.” It was crazy to see 3 of my little cousins with boyfriends/girlfriends! And to see them all grown up! Oh and I got to see little baby Thomas. OMG hes adorable!

Me holding Thomas
Another pic of me holding Thomas


Harry Potter December 12, 2005

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My bad day turned into a great day when I remembered, HEY HARRY POTTERS ON!!

I also had a delicious dinner, that cheered me up too.

Oh, and yay! We have blinds in our kitchen!! Now I dont have to worry about everyone in the neighborhood looking at me as I look for soemthing to eat 😉

Im hungry again. I think i may go and enjoy soem potato salad before I head to bed…..maybe, jsut maybe, Ill start that paper too!


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