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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE!!!! November 20, 2005

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These past 28 hours have been quite eventful!

Yesterday I woke up at 930 and and took a shower and got ready so I could meet Helen so we could go get our hair straightened!
Well, on the way there, there was a car STOPPED on the fricken highway! So we hit it. Luckily very slowly so it wasn’t too bad. But we had to wait for the cops and push the metal up on the car and call the insurance. So around 1:00 we headed towards the hair salon and beeged them to get us in. At first they said no but then they said yes!! It took an HOUR and a HALF to get my hair done!! But it’s gorgeous! I love it. Helen got her done then we went and got panera and then i looked aorund for something to wear and didn’t find anything. So Helen got my birthday gift and we headed to the dorms. Kerry came by and gave me an entire bag full of Godiva Chcolate. Oh. My. God!!! Amazing!! Its soo good! Im giving some of it away for presents!

So we went to Jillians and I was late for my own bday party! But we got tehre and I had fun!! I counted down till midnight and finally it ame and I ordered a lava umm..soemthing. Lol. I cna’t remeber the name of it. But it was basically a pina colada with strawberries! Yummm! We (my Kim and Lauren) anlso had a blowjob which was yummy! I finished the night off with a hurricane and I was done. I headed back toi my dorm getting drunker by the minute haha.

Apparently I talk a lot when Ive been drinking (so says Amey) but it was ok. i quickly went to sleep. And was up by 10:00. Wide awake! We got up and Amry and I went to Red Lobster for lunch. MMMMM. It was yummmy!! I got another pina colada like drink and it was soo good!

So now I am back here in my room. I had a great birthday and its not over yet, I get to spread it out for while so its great!

I was disapointed that soem of the pople who said they would show didn’t and some almsot everyone left after i took my first drink at midnight 🙁 But it was ok. I had enough at that point so it turned out ok.

What fun!

Now i have to get ready to work. Ew. What kinda genius idea was this anyway?


It’s only been 3 months… November 17, 2005

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Yeah, so I just hooked up my speakers that I brought to school back in September for my computer. I mean, it makes sense that I didn’t hook them up with my lappie-they might have made the thing explode haha. Who knows, plus they just arent that practical with the laptop. Anyway..They are rockin now. The sound is incredible! Much better than the speakers on the monitor!

So what was the first thing we listened to on them? Why Hanson of course! MMMBop!

I love my roommate. I mean come on, how many people would sit here and sing along to Man From Milwauke with me????

    This is mother bird calling baby bird
    Baby bird come in, come in baby bird

    For the love of pete come in!
    This is baby bird…sorry I was watching court tv
    Do you copy? do you copy?
    Of course we copy…24 hours a day…in color!


Just a few more days until my birthday. I seriously can’t wait. It’s going to be a blast…then just a few days later, I get to see my honey!!! And bring a playmate for our kitty! I can’t wait to be in our house!

Today I went to class-the class I hate. I got all the way there and it was cancelled!!!!!!!! Wooooohooo! So I went to lunch and then to the bank with Steve. I told Steve he needs to get a new bank-who holds a pay check for 5 days!? Anyway, we went to the mall and I bought two Harry Potter books, a present for my daddy and an OSU sweatshirt! haha. I love it. I put it on right away and wore it for the rest of the day. I read my harry potter book in it. I read about 140 pages! Amey says I’m crazy. I think shes just calling me crazy because she is no longer deemed crazy by the NYPD so she has to label someone-and im closest. 😉

Then again, she just came out with an outburst of “Holy Harmonicas!”

Perhaps she’s crazy after all!

In fact shes just confirmed this craziness by excitedly saying we should go do kareoke and we should do a duet of MMMBop. She followed it up with an eveil insane laugh. It was kinda scary.

Shhhh Don’t speak of this to the NYPD they may change their mind 😉

Anyway. I felt like a student of Hogwarts today in lab. We have moved on to chemistry and so Jason and I got to take all these cool chemicals and burn them under a gas flame. They turned awesome colors like neon red and green. Then we had to look through this thing that showed their color speculum. It was kinda trippy lol. I wish we coulda blown things up. But thats next week. Unfortunately I wont be there to do it. Oh well, I’ll be with Eric!!!

Once we got out of class I walked back to my room in the rain in my new red sweatshirt. I was afraid that, because it was red and new, it was going to stain my body. Luckily it didn’t!

I should be sleeping. Its 1130 and I gotta be up at 7ish. Work calls at 8.

Its crazy windy outside. Perhaps it’ll knock the electricity out and I will get to sleep in 😉 Too bad I need the money!

I’m off to go wait for erics call 😀 Goodnight!


I love new things November 16, 2005

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Like my sheets I got last night.They were really comfy and it was so nice to sleep in them!

I am gonna have a ball at this new house next week. Everything is going to be new! I can’t wait to get into it. Its gonna feel so huge! Erics brother, Ryan, is going to the apartment on Saturday and the two of them are renting a Uhaul and moving it all out. Then Eric’ll be all moved in and then I get to come on Wednesday night!!

Speaking of Wednesday, it’s going to be a crazy day. The night before I have to go home and pick up some stuff at home, which includes Oreo. Hes going to come back down with me on Wednesday and as I drive down I am going to stop by La Guardia and check in for my flight that night. Then Ill drive back to school and drop off my car and have Amey drop me off at the train station. Then Oreo and I will spend the dya in the city-yay!! Its going to be so fun!

Well I ahve to get in the shower and my bladder is also about to explode ( i bet you needed to know that 😉 haha) Maybe more later


21, 21, 21 21!!!!!!!!

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2 more days of class, one day of observation and work, then its saturday! No big plans for the day other than sleeping in, but that night. Now that nights gonna rock!! Im so excited!!

Tonight I finished the first Harry Potter Movie. I think I am going to go and get the 3rd book tomorrow so I can read it adn then go to teh 4th movie. Yay!!

Real world was on tonight…theres only one episode left!!!! What on earth am I gonna do on Tuesday nights now????????

Oh yeah. Watch SVU with Amey

Until she leaves me. Im psyched for her, bu Im sad Im losing her too 🙁

Oh well, KRISTI’S 21st BIRTHDAY/AMEY’S NOT A PSYCHO Party this weekend!! Leave a comment if you want details 😉

BTW, this blog is syndicated with blogspot now, so Hello all blogspotters! (this includes Amey!)


Ok so I gave into the hype November 15, 2005

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On two things actually. The first one is MySpace.


Come check it out sometime

The next thing I gave into was something you’ll probably laugh at me for….

I am not a Harry Potter fan.

I know, I know. Oh well. Its entertaining. And its not like I’m a freak. I mean i’m sure everyone thinks about how the book’s going to end all throughout work and then rushes home to find out, right?



I feel icky today. I should be in class right now, but I havent been feeling so hot so I decided to stay in bed instead. I wish i could stay in bed forever.

Well spongebobs on. I think ill watch him till I have to head to the class I cannot miss.

Maybe more later (ive been told I need to update more!)

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