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Protected: October 31, 2005

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I’m so sad :(

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I hate this 🙁


Sleepy October 30, 2005

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I’ve been so sleepy lately. not sure what’s going on. I;ve been falling asleep at like 930 at night. It’s kinda pathetic lol.

hmm So whats new. Besides sleeping, I’m slacking and falling behind a bit at school. Oh well, Ill catch up. Tonight I have a few papers to do. Then monday night I have the same kinda deal. Oh well, whatcha going to do.

In 4 weeks I get to see my sweetie! *sigh* That feels like forever. 🙁 I miss him so much.

Not too much else us new. I went over to my grandparents house last night and hung out and had dinner with them. It was my first time ever having boston market-and it was yummy!

I’m about to leave for work in a few. Yuck.

Oh yay, Eric’s on the phine! yayyy!!


Eeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! October 26, 2005

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We got it, we got it!!! We got our house!! I am so excited!!!!!

This weekend I went to Myrtle Beach. I had such a great time! Even if it was cold. I got there Saturday night after spending a dreary day in the city for class. The class was boring as hell and I couldn’t wait to get to LaGuardia. Remember how I was debating on whether to take a bus or a cab? Well, guess what? I took neither! haha. Turns out a girl in my class drove and she gave me a ride to the airport. Yipppeeee! It was great. I got there 3 hours early, but still, beats a bus!

I was bored so i talked to eric and went to the book store. I searched for a book to read but couldn’t seem to find what I was in the mood for. I wandered around through the kids section seeing what types of books were out there when I came across all of the Harry Potter books. So I gave in and decided to see what all of the hype was about. I had over 100 pages read before i even borded the plane.

The book was good, i finished it throughout the next 2 days. I dunno how fanatical I am about it, but I probably will buy the next book. At my leisure-most likely the next time I’m at the airport haha.

Anyway, while i was wandering around Harlem being bored with school, my family was ennjoying the 80 degree weather in Myrtle Beach. They picked me up that night and we enjoyed yummy yummy sonic!

Sunday was chillier of course, but that didn’t stop me from getting sunburned. I have soem pretty rosy cheeks now. I love it!

Monday rained so we went shopping all day which was fun! i bought soem stuff for the bathroom-ceramic purple starfish and a seahorse, and some shells. I love shopping and shopping for the house was fun!!

Tuesday was my last day. We spent it on the beach and then we went to a restaurant where i got to throw my peanut shells on the floor! it was soo fun!!

Today I came home and that sucked. Kim picked me up at the airport and I was amazed to find all of the breakable things i bought stayed in one piece!!

Well I think i am about to get ready for class (oh yay-i HATE this class) More later!


I hate this October 21, 2005

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It’s only been 5 days and I miss Eric like crazy 🙁 How am I ever going to last 5 weeks??? I’m not, thats how.

We’ve got to figure out something. 🙁

Tomorrow I fly to Myrtle Beach. Eric was originally supose to come with me, but hes not 🙁 Oh well, I get to have a good family vacation. I haven’t been to Myrtle beach in October in a long time and I get to spend the time with my famly plus my grandparents and uncle. Yipppee! And I get to show them pictures of my gorgeous house! (errr I mean mine and Eric’s house. Ok, alright, it’s Eric’s house. But I still get to live in it and Im buying things for it, so its ours :-P)

Why do I have to miss this boy so much anyway? *sigh* Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough.

So who’s this guy I’ve been talking about so much? Here’s a pic 🙂 Arent we cute? 😀

kristi and eric

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