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Ohiiio!! September 22, 2005

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Yayyyy! I leave for ohio tomorrow AM!!


A very quick update! September 15, 2005

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ok, life in a nutshell.

Im working, school sucks. lol yeah that about sums it up! LOL

No school doesn’t really suck and gosh its nice to be receiving soem money once again! yay! Im really enjoying my classes, even the gay and lesbian one (although our book freaked me out today!) And I haven’t fallen asleep in Science class yet! (A major accomplishment and if it weren’t for Jason, i may not have been able to say that lol)

I have a test in science tomorrow and i was falling asleep while writing out a study sheet at 12am. Corse when i went to go to sleep I couldn’t and then i remembered, oh crap i have a writing assignment due tomorrow-ooops. lol

At least now its done. And I slept late last this morning so I was ok. However its now 3am and i haven’t slept yet. Damn. I need to be up at 715. Ew. And tomorrows a loooong day.

To dreamland I go (hopefully!)

Goodnight-more updates soon!


Writing #2

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OMG I got an A on my last assignment. Whoo Hoo!! Here’s my attempt at another one: A reaction story to Hurricane Katrina.

Local College Students React to Hurricane Katrina

By Kristina Snow

Old Westbury, New York-While those in Louisiana and Mississippi struggle to put their lives back together, the rest of the nation can’t seem to keep Hurricane Katrina off their minds. Walk into any local supermarket. It’s tough to get out without spying a newspaper where the front page includes a story on the latest update on the situation. And try getting out without being asked for a donation for the American Red Cross. Every fire house, school, and local public building seems to be holding fundraisers and clothing and food drives. Parents are being sent home reminders that they can donate at their children’s school and the news-both local and nation gives us continuous coverage of the relief efforts.

Another place that can’t seem to escape the topic of Hurricane Katrina is the college classroom. But sit through one class and you will hear more opinions and bit of news than you will hear or see anywhere else.

Students at SUNY Old Westbury have a lot to offer on this topic. The school, being one of the most diverse schools in New York State, contains students from all different backgrounds, cultures, and locations. What better of a group to give us an understanding of just how this catastrophe has affected different people from around the world?

“I can’t stand watching the news, knowing that I’m here, in the comfort of my own home-warm, safe, and dry-while thousands of people have lost everything,” says senior Shania Johnson from Jericho, NY. “It’s a scary thought. In one night we could lose everything too. Suppose one of these hurricanes tracks up the coast and hits Long Island at full force. We could be in a very similar situation as the people in the south are right now.”

Shania’s thoughts are very true. Would Long Island be prepared for such an event?

“I’m not so sure we would be,” says freshmen Joshua Hernandez. “I mean, when was the last time Long Island was hit with a hurricane? It never seems to happen here and in the even that it did, I’m not so sure anyone would believe it would be very bad-just like the situation in New Orleans.”

He may be very right. Approximately 78.5% of current New York State coastal residents have never experienced a major hurricane. The last major storm to sweep the island was back in 1938. At this time, the island was mostly underdeveloped, so while there was some major damage reported from this category 3 hurricane, it could have been much worse. If one of the same magnitude or higher hits once again, it will be impacting a highly-urbanized region. Since the great hurricane of 1938, two less mild hurricanes have hit the island. One occurred on August 19, 1991. Hurricane Bob, a category 2 storm. brushed the eastern tip of Long Island and moved into southeastern New England. Because most of Long Island was on the western side of the storm, winds were category 1 strength and the storm surge was minimal. On September 27, 1985, Hurricane Gloria, a category 1, moved across the center of Long Island and caused an immense amount of tree damage and beach erosion. Informal surveys have reported that those who experience hurricane Gloria felt it was a very intense hurricane with awful conditions. Remember, hurricane Gloria was a category 1 storm.

Storm surge maps indicate that a category 1 hurricane would flood just about all of the immediate south shore of Long Island, including the north side of Great South Bay locations and both sides of the north and south forks. Montauk Highway would be completely covered by flood waters during a Category 3 hurricane. Therefore, this road would be considered impassable during the storm. Storm surges would occur, the highest being at Amityville Harbor at 29 feet. The Atlantic and Long Beach areas could be as high as 24 to 28 feet and South Oyster Bay Middle Bay, & East Bay areas would be under about 24 to 28 feet of water. In the event of a category one storm, Montauk Point would be completely cut off from rest of south fork and much of the north and south forks would be entirely under water during a category 3 hurricane.

Given this information, Andrew Valencia states that he would not leave if such a hurricane was predicted. “It hasn’t happened since 1938? It’s not going to happen now.”

When his opinion was shared with other students the response did not go over well. “Has anyone learned anything from Hurricane Katrina?” One student states. “These people didn’t leave and look what happened to them. Now this person is saying he would do the same thing? It really is a shame.”

So what have students learned from the hurricane? One debate inside a classroom at the college turned out to be quite heated. Politics, emotions, and opinions were thrown out like fireballs against one another-the class split into a few distinct sides.

“I’ve learned that our country is very poor at handling a crisis. Sure we can be there once it happens and help clean it up, but we, as a country, do a very poor job at preparing and working to prevent such an occurrence.”

“Bush is to blame for the situation now. He should have been there sooner; the country should have acted quicker. I’m ashamed to live in a country that just sat back and watched for so long.”

“Our government is not completely at fault. These people should have acted quicker. They had the warning, why didn’t they get out? Had I known a hurricane was heading at me dead on, I would have walked out carrying my children if I had no other means of transportation.”

“These people [in Mississippi] are poor, and not everyone seems to get that. Some of them may not have had the technology to know that a storm of this magnitude was coming. Some don’t have TV’s or even radios. They live in small shacks and live day to day. When they found out it was just too late.”

As the south continues to recuperate, so does our country. Will this natural disaster teach us anything about what to do the next time one strikes? One can hope, but sadly we won’t know until another one occurs.


Odd Dreams September 9, 2005

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Gosh I’ve been having some WEIRD dreams lately. Three nights ago, it was the Amey /dresser all around the room, couldn’t wake up thing. Then the Jackie broke her arms and legs in a car accident and was in my room and my parents came to visit cause it was their day off and I mistook someone elses car as mine. Then the woman taking over the world with the jackets when she said she was gonna analyze my weird dreams! Two nights ago I had a dream I was going to the moon in a space shuttle. Actually we were going to Asia or soemthing and I thought we were taking a plane and I had missed it but we were taking a shuttle. I got really scared it was gonna blow up but we never made it off the ground due to some trouble. The ship shook a lot and I remember my head hurt. I woke up with a headache.

Last night I had a dream Amey was leaving me and moving in with her old roommate and these Chinease men were following her around. LOL. I can’t wait to tell her about that one. Oh and this cleaning lady came in and was cleaning our room and making a mess of things cause our internet didn’t work. The man in the room moved ourshelf and nearly killed Bob (ooh I haven’t said anything about him yet!) In a seperate dream I saw that girl Jackie and told her I had a dream about her being in a car accident and breaking her arms and legs…

I think they’re doing something to the food around here!!!


Swimming-the sport and my mind… September 8, 2005

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I’m trying to enjoy swimming again. Really I am. The first day was good, the second day-the first one was ok the second one sucked. I cut out early. Im just not enjoying it.

I think it’s more preassure to do it than wanting to do it. I just don’t know.

I’m skipping practice tonight. Perhaps Ill go tomorrow.

I’m not my usual self today, something jsut doesn’t feel right….

Classes today sucked. Well, thats not true they weren’t all that bad. I’m really mad cause i missed a simple answer on my test in science. So much for starting off with an A.

I started the day by realizing i forgot to type my newstory. oops. I write it in 15 mins and handed it in.

Science class was good. We talked about skydiving which was cool. I understand a lot of it more now than ever. Plus I’ve made a cool friend who keeps me occupied throughout class.

Teaching reading, was well, short. My tummy growled all throughout it cause I had a smoothie for dinner and I guess that didn’t qualify as food to it.

I feel like curling up into a ball in bed and shutting the world out….i dunno what the heck is wrong with me today. Im just in a crappy mood I guess.

Well, i think i will go to my bed and curl up into a ball. However, i wont shut the world out….well, I will but it’ll only be cause Im reading a realllly good book 🙂 Maybe itll lift my spirits a bit.

More later

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