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Ooops August 26, 2005

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gosh, i’ve been horrible updating this thing lately! Now that I’m back at school it should be better!!

Yep, I’m back at school, which means one thing: I’m no longer with Eric 🙁 Let me tell you. Saying goodbye to him was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It was absolutely horrible. This summer was by far the greatest summer I have ever had. Funny how one person can change one’s life.

Luckily Eric doesn’t have to be too lonely without me. Hes got a baby kitten. Well perhaps baby is the wrong word….although the words associates itself with her quite well right now. Why? Cause she’s going to be having to babies of her own!! Turns out this kitten, who we rescued from the dz, is 2-3 years old and pregnant! I was hoping shed have the kittens before I left, but she didn’t. She’s such a tiny little cat, which is really nice!! I just hope she doesn’t have any problems having the kittens!

Not else is new. Eric and I have been looking at houses. We found lots..but only a few stuck out-one in particular. We jsut wish we could pick it up and move it-its not in the most wonderful area. However, its beautiful and gorgous and we both love it. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

Well, its been a long day. I moved everything in by myself cause my parents are in Myrtle Beach. Oops, i guess i forgot to mention they bought a second house!! Its suposedly gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it!!

Ok, so back to being tired. Time to end this so I can get some sleep!! Goodnight…possibly more tomorrow!


Good Lord, I hurt! August 1, 2005

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I guess jumping 5 times in 1 day will do that to ya! That may sound pathetic to any other jumper, but for me it was a lot!! And I had a ton of fun doing it too! I’ve really gotten my backflying down! Now to perfect it some more!!

hmm not much else here is new. Went to the doctor on sat morning then spent the day at the dz pcaking a bit. Came home sat night, slept in sunday and headed to the dz by myself in the afternoon and had lots of fun. My 5 jumps included 1 solo backflying, 1 jump with pete where i backflew and he docked on me, a high pull with dawns spectre to see how i liked it, an attempted rodeo that got really scary, and a hybrid with alana and jsuti-so fun!!

Today i was so sore, so work kinda sucked but it flew by!! I was so tired an almsot fell asleep on my way home form the feel trip but it was ok. Also got to go to the fish place and get soem new fish for my classrooms aquarium. That was fun. Worked a bit of overtime and had an overall good day.

Tonight ive just been lounging around. Erics on my computer editing soem videos and im playing on his. hehe some people swap clothes-Eric and I swap computers lol.

My brother has become such a teennager. He’s annoying me and Im not even home!!

Im debating on buying a dvd off ebay right now….its a gymnastics movie that stars an anorexic gymnast. Nice movie, i really enjoyed it but not so sure if i should really be buying it.

Im insanly poor right now by the way. And, i was walking out of work today and saw my muffler hanging off my car. Great. I guess that explains the loud noise. Its headed to the shop in the am. Joy.

ooh soemthing kinda cool happened to me and now I can pee pretty colors. haha sory if that sounds disgusting, but im currently finding it fascinating!! So i thought I’d share 😛

Oooh im being shot with rubberbands from the…well its not really the kitchen, its kinda our gear area lol. Anyway…..time for revenge. Later!!

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