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Catching Up July 25, 2005

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Wow I have a lot of catching up to do!

So…last friday Eric was supose to leave for cross keys. He came to work to say goodbye and I got home to an empty house. I talked to him a bit on the phone then kept finding all of these things around the house that he was supose to take on the trip with him. Then I was on the phone with my mom and i hear a knock at the door-it was eric! He was staying home that weekend afterall! Yay!!

My parents got here on Saturday morning. I swear the apartment was the cleanest it has even been. We got them to their hotel and just basically relaxed for most of the day. They were tired from their trip in. Eric cooked dinner and it was soo yummy! After dinner we all got into the car and took a tour of Columbus and ended up in easton where we walked around a bit and got some yummy ice cream!

On Sunday we went to wyandot lake and had a really good time. I got to see how scared I was of heights when climbing up the stairs to the slides. But what a blast. I also felt what it was like to have water go places nothing should ever go into!

Monday we played around in easton for the day and erics mom came out and had dinner with us. and on Tuesday we went to cedar point-which ROCKED!!! I had such an awesome time.

My parents left on wed and I was sad. But i dealt pretty well. Eric was a big help 🙂

Speaking of eric-he never had to go to Dallas either!!!! I was happy 🙂

This past weekend we went to the dz and i leanred how to backfly-it was so so so so fun!!!

More on that and everything else later-im off to blockbuster – my classroom needs videos so we can try and stay cool in the heat advisory tomorrow!! Later!


*sigh* July 14, 2005

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Eric got me excited telling me he might not be going to Dallas on Wednesday afterall.

This however, of course isn’t going to happen. He has to book his flight out asap 🙁

He leaves tomorrow for Cross Keys. I probably wont even really get to say goodbye cause I’ll be at work all day. I’m going to miss him. And I’ll worry too. He’ll be making a ton of jumps this weekend. Lucky guy. He’s gonna have lots of fun

Ooooh! He may not be going to cross keys afterall..but he’ll still be leaving-possibly for chicago instead.

Anyway, at least while hes not here ill have a distraction-my parents will be here! yay!! They leave tomorrow at midnight to come out and will be here sometime saturday morning 🙂 Im excited about them coming!!

I went back to the doctor today-thye gave me new meds-yayyy!!! I can actually breathe!!! It’s so nice!

Well, im off to spend time with my hon and go to sleep soon.



*smile* July 12, 2005

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Bad moods suck…luckily Im not in one anymore!!

Eric tested out computers from school today-yay! two of them actually work! Which is great cause now my kids will have computers!

OOh i jsut remmeberd family guy is on and im not feeling so well so i think im gonna go watch it in bed




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I’m not really happy right now 🙁

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