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New Look Once Again… June 24, 2005

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Ok, I’m done. Really, I am. This should be the last time i do a major change to this site. Im liking it now. Much prettier than before 😀

School was crazy this week. We started our field trips and they were just a bit chaotic-but also very very fun!

This weekend is Erics birthday! I hope he likes what I got him!!! (I know he will!!)

Well, I was just informed that I am going to sleep lol. Because apparntly I need to be out of the house by 830. Ew. So much for sleeping in on a Saturday. Oh well, at least I get to skydive…Ill hit 50 jumps this weekend! Yayy!!!

More later!!


Life is Crazy June 16, 2005

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Ahh things are going quite alright at the moment. After a minor disruption in the beginning of the week things seem to be straightening out and once again working in my favor-for now at least. Monday began with me pulling out of the apartment complex-and my car stalling halfway across the road and wouldnt restart. I managed to coast to the side and called eric. Roadside came and towed it and after work plus $200 later i was driving my car home fixed.

Or so i thought. I was leaving from lunch to go back to school when i stalled coming out of the complex again. This time it restarted but i was mad and brought the car back to the house and took erics to work. Dumb thing.

So Eric looked at it, no idea whats wrong. But we’re gonna bring it out to his uncle who’s gonna take a look at it for me. Yay.

We’re bringting it out tomorrow then spending the night at his moms which should be cool. We’re going to the DZ this weekend and Erics gonna jump with me to get some cool video of me for a video we’re gonna put together for my kids at school. Erics gonna do a skydiving presentation on Wednesday. It should be a lot of fun.

Speaking of the kida…they were little monsters today. But, then again, when are they not lol. Oh well. I didn’t end of having to go outside and it all worked for the best. They just sat quietly on the carpet lol. Actually quietly isnt the right word. They were loud, obnoxious and just general pains. hahaha. Oh well. At least our troublemaking kid threw a fit in front of his mom. That was good cause Im nto sure she was believeing he was really being rotten.

Ugh I jsut realized what time it is. I didn’t even get to the good stuff thats going on…oh well..more on that later…its off to bed with me! Goodnight!!


Giving this a try June 11, 2005

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So as you can see Im attempting to change this thing around a bit. Not too sure how its working so far, but I think its a better layout and look than before. I guess we’ll see how it works out.

Besides updating the page, I havent been up to much else today. Just basically lounging around a bit. I could be with Eric jumping right now but I jsut really didnt feel like going. Plus its kinda icky and wet out so, I decided to stay here. Turns out they got to jump afterall. Eric called and asked me to come down. I figured with my luck it’ll rain the minute i get there. Thats ok, cause I didn’t really feel like jumping this weekend anyway.

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