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Fixed…for now May 23, 2005

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Soo…My computer has been temporarily fixed i guess. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Im still shopping for a new computer!

I’m loving the optiplex computers dell has. I really like the smaller ones. Im just not convinced that i want a desktop yet. Course theres also the dimension thati can get for like $379 including the monitor thanks to slickdeals.com-prettty nifty website!

We’ll jsut have to see how this all works out…


Still Tired! May 22, 2005

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These posts are becoming longer and longer apart. Guess thats what a broken computer will do to ya :-/


Im here in Ohio-Yayy!! Im so exhausted though! I left on Thursday night around 2 am. I didn’t sleep at all before i left and boy did i feel it! I slept for about 10 minutes along the way. When i finally got here Eric and I unloaded my stuff from the car and brought it all inside. I started putting some things away but i was just so tired. I had to go get my fingerprinting done for my job (hence the reason for leaving so early on friday night) So i went and got it done and then spent some time at the school. I got back and took a nap. We were going to leave for xenia that night but we deiced not too. Oh and we got food at ruby tuesday-yum! We even got to fill out these nifty surverys that saved us $3 off of our meal! Sweet!

I fell asleep sometime round 11:00 or so. Eric went to the movies. I woke up when he got home and then we both went back to sleep cause we had to be up to get to xenia at 530-yuck!!
I slept most of the morning-on the way to the dz and in the car at the dz. Then i got up and made 2 jumps-yay! They were so fun! They were both RW jumps with some more experienced guys-the first one was great-it went so well! the second I ended up low on and couldnt get back up-oh well. I still had fun!

We ended up coming back last night and i slept all night and most of this morning-and im stil tired!! I unpacked the rest of my stuff that was stitting aroud the living room and did some laundry and cleaned up a bit. Im a little sore from yesterday and still really tired so now im jsut lounging around and being lazy and waiting for eric to come home (he went back out to the dz this morning)

Next weekend is the memorial day boogie at SGC-i can’t wait -its going to be so much fun-exceot Kris isn’t coming anymore which sucks-I was looking forard to seeing him again 🙁

Well, not too much else to say. Ill try and update thist hing a bit more here soon!! Hopefully wither my computer will get fixed or ill get a new one shortly!!


Home Sweet Home May 13, 2005

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So…. the semesters FINALLY come to an end-YIPPEE!

Typically, I’m really sad to leave school. However this year, I really wasn’t.

As it stands right now, despite my other post, it looks as if I will be returning to Old Westbury in the fall.


What can i say about this semester? It was both the greatest and the worst semester ever. Im really sad Kim and I will no longe be living together. She was the greatest. I don;t think I will find someone I get along with so well ever again.

I met a ton of new people. Some I liked, others I hated, some I really like and first and grew to hate. I became the girl everyone thought was weird along with my roommate for rollerblading around the dorms and for having a trampoline in her room. I had these fun painted windows.

I took classes I started out loving and ended up hating. I achieved the lowest grades of my life-yet I learned a lot. I think the lower grades were due to poor grading by at least 2 professors.

I had an awesome RD who became a cool friend and I learned a lot about the structure of my school. I also lived in the place i wanted to live. The quite builidng was a wonderful place!

Im not sure what this next year holds for me. I dont currently have a roommate lined up for next year. SO I guess I am on my own for that one. We’ll jsut have to see.

I leave for Ohio in a week. Im so excited-and petrified as well! Lets jsut hope after all thsi time spent together he doesnt decide he hates me! lol. I know thats not going to happen though.

Is it bad to be scared? Causse I am. Not for the reason mentioned above but jsut because this is soo new for me. I’ve never lived this far form home-hell ive never lived in a different state. Its an all new place, allnew people. At least I have had some exposure to it. Im also living with someone new. And its not going to be like a roommate in college who goes home on the weekends. We’ll be there together all the time. And have I mentioned he’s a guy??? lol. I’m really going to get a dose of what it’s like to be out on my own. Sure college does that-but this is a whole new level! I’ll be starting a new job in the career I want to spend the rest of my life in-and hoping I like it (i get to be a teacher this summer-I get to corrupt the youth of America!!! hehe) And note really having any close friends nearby (oh wait, that’s not something new).

I’m scared but im psyched. I think its a great move for us and really is a big step in our relationship. Hell we’ve made it this far, this should only bring us closer and help us learn about one another so much more! Plus its gonna be fun 🙂

Well, Im done with this thing for the night. Sorry I havent updated in awhile-this computer breaking thing has sucked!


Don’t make me come back May 9, 2005

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Please don’t make me come back to this school. There’s gotta be some other option.

My fricken roommate for next semester just ditched me. Great.

I hate it here.

This sucks.


It’s over!!! May 5, 2005

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WOO HOOO!! Junior year is just about over!!

Just got back form my last class and I can not say thank god more than enough. I still have a ton of work to do but who cares-Im done sitting through lectures!!

Now if only my coputer would stop crashing 🙁 It decided to stop working right in the middle of me typing my final today. Joy. It’s so retarded.

Oh well. So, I found out that my school is retarded and may cut my program. Gee golly. What a thing to find out. I also dont think I’ll be graduating until December of 2006 now. Oh well, what can you do?

My old roommate Kim is coming tonight. Yay! I havent seen her in forever! Its gonna be cool to see her again! Then tomorrow Im gonna drive her home and go jump with Jeremy! Yayy!

Well I should get going. Works a calling…

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