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Such Crap April 29, 2005

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Nearly a month without an entry-and what a month it has been!

My computer is officially 100% CRAP!!

Stupid thing has crashed multiple times and wont stay on. I think it hates me! I outsmarted it and got it to work in safe mode -stuoid machine, i hate it! I really dont wanna buy a new one but i think I might have to soon 🙁

ONE more week of classes!! One final, then i get to go HOME!! Then its off to OHIO to be with my sweetie!!

Oh! I got that job!! I get to work with kids for the summer!! Yayy!!

Well, thats all for now. Im off to meet Helen to go to the mall then to meet Michelle for dinner-yippeee!!

More later on my “everything going wrong” life…


Feeling Sickly April 4, 2005

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Yup that’s me. I have this awful dry cough-its quite awful! And I have all this crap in my chest that I keep coughing up-it’s even green! lol lovely huh?

Oh! Good news! I was accepted into the School of Education at my school today! Yippppeeeeeeee! I’m so psyched! Now I just have to manage to graduate next spring! Then Eric and I can get a house (well, he can get a house lol)

Ya know I said a long time ago i was going to explain my whole belief in not living with someone until I’m married. Now’s as good of a time as never huh? Hmm, well. Ever since I was a little girl I pictured getting married and finally getting to be with the person I love for the rest of my life. That, to me, is one of the major points to marriage. But, if I’m already living there, then I’m already with that person. So the point in marriage is???

I mean of course there’s the fact that its the ultimate form of commitment. But I dunno, I guess I’ve just always felt that living with one another should come with marriage. Perhaps my opinion will change more in the future. Eric’s already trying to change it! lol

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to live with Eric, but I just don’t feel its right so i probably won’t give into it. (I say that now) Plus, I would love the opportunity to live on my own for a little while. I’ve never done it and I think it’s an experience I would want. But then, if I’m near him, like he said, it’s hard to justify spending money on an apartment when I’m going to want to be with him all the time anyway. Economically it makes sense to live there, but it shouldn’t be based on that.

We’ll just have to see how life plays out i guess.

I really need to head to sleep. I feel like crap!

Least I got to see Mia today! We had a nice talk.

Off to sleep with me!


I feel so alone. April 2, 2005

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I hate being where I am right now.

It’s not that I hate this school. If I have to be at a school I pick here because I really do like it here. It’s jsut school i hate in general. I miss my friends. I miss having someone by my side all the time. That jsut hasnt really happened here for me lately. I feel like I’m losing more friends than I am gaining and it really sucks.

I don’t know why I’m so upset. Everything in life is going to plan. Looks as if I can graduate next spring, and I get to be with Eric this entire summer…starting in about 6 weeks! In 3 weeks I get to see him again. And speaking of him…i couldnt ask for anything better. I have the ideal relationship. I couldnt be in a better place. We’re happy, we get along so great, and we communicate so well. I feel a lot better tonight just because I was able to talk to him again-and really talk and find out what was really going on.

I just hate being here becuase I feel like I dont have any true friends. Friends who will be there thick and thin day in and day out. My best friend and I are growing further and further apart and it really is sucking more than ever. i love her. I don’t want to lose her anymore than I already have.

Things will get better, I know they will. I also know that I am going to wake up in the morning and feel 10 times better than I do right now. I just wish i had soemone here right now to talk to me and tell me it would be ok. To give me a hug and talk it through with me. Seems the only time I see my “friends” are when they need help with their computer or they want to go to get food.

*sigh* Life goes on right?

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