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Back to Reality March 29, 2005

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Well…I’m back at school. Yesterday it poured all day which sucked. I hate rain.

I’m really looking forward to the warm weather this summer. Most of all, I’m looking forward to it being warm in Ohio! This summer is going to be wonderful. it looks as if I got the job I was hoping for and it also looks as if I may be able to have some fun being on a 4-way team at SGC. How fun! I’m really excited about it!

Right now I’m kinda bored. I’m getting ready to go to work in an hour or so which is gonna suck. I havent worked in 2 weeks! So, tonight will suck, but it’s ok cause I desperately need money.

Eric is being shipped off to Dallas for 3 weeks. I’m glad it happened now and not when I was there this summer! Nice thing is he builds up more airline miles plus hotel points…our trip to the carribbean is getting cheaper and cheaper!

I get to leave for Myrtle Beach in just over 2 weeks! I can’t wait! Then, i get back and 3 days later I’m leaving for Ohio. Yay! Talk about building airline miles! haha.

hmm..not much else is new. Oh wait. I just found out that they are cutting student teaching I from the program for next semester. I might be able to graduate next may now! How awesome! I’m not getting my hopes up though.

Welll, I guess I’ll get going now. More later.


Happy Easter! March 27, 2005

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Today my uncle eddie, aunt annie, eddie, ashley, and uncle tom came over for easter dinner. It was cool and we had a lot of fun. Especially when we put our heads on other peoples bodies! (LOL LONNG Story!)

The ride home yesterday was absolutely awful. God I miss that boy so much!! Only 6 more weeks or so until i get to be with him for the entire summer!! I can’t wait! Being away from him just really sucks. I really had a great time when i was out there and we managed to get through some really stressful situations really nicely! Its been nearly a year now and I really couldn’t ask for anything more…except for us to be closer but that will happen soon enough!

I really need to get to sleep. I’ve been up playing with my website. I decided to redesign the site a bit and give it a better look. So far I love it! But I need to stop playing since i have to wake up in ummm…5 hours! UGH



I don’t want to go March 25, 2005

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I really don’t.

Tomorrow i head back to New York. Yippee 🙁 I’m not excited about this whatsoever. The drive is gonna suck and most of all leaving eric is going to be horrible.

Last night Eric and I proclaimed ourselves a cool couple. We went to gameworks and spent the night playing games…$10 all you can play until midnight Thursdays rock! So we decided we were no longer boring since we stayed out until midnight. lol. It was a ton of fun! We got to race horses and drive cars-and shoot things! Fun!!! hahah it was a lot of fun.

Today Eric’s mom came over and they went to the gym. I met them at about 1:00 and we went to lunch. Eric had to head out to an interview, so Eric’s mom and I went shopping. It was kinda fun hanging out with her. She is a lot of fun to shop with – she and i have a little bit of the same taste in clothes haha. We’re also the same size which is a lot of fun. I found pants that actually fit and they were only $19.99. Then I got some tshirts- 5/$20…woo hoo! I love good deals.

We went to the ocean club for dinner and it was yummmy…i got salmon! Yum! I also got lots and lots of yummmmy bread. I feel kinda sick now. oh well lol.

Eric jsut told me his mom yelled at us-she said we need to keep our hands to ourselves cause we hugged and kisssed a lot and people were looking-eric said “ehh screw them” lol.

Tonight we’re coloring easter eggs! How fun!!!



Finally, an update! March 22, 2005

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Ok, this is gonna be long…just warning you now….

This past week has been all sorts of fun. Tuesday I was suppose to get to sleep early so that I could sleep in on Wednesday so that I would be well rested for my trip to Ohio.

Yeah right. Me sleep early….of course not!

I was up doing a presentation on Hillsdale, NY until 3am! Then I had to finish packing then I had to help Kim with her presentation (which I had little tolerance for-it frustrates me when people have computer issues that seem so little to me-plus I was tired!)

So I managed to get in bed and rolled back out of bed at 830 am. Looked over my test questions for the midterm I was about to have that morning and wanted to laugh at how pathetically prepared I was for the thing. After I copied them I hopped into the shower and got myself ready. Loaded the car and studied (well sort of) for about a half an hour. By that point it was 1030 and time to go to take the test.

Of course the professor showed up 13 minutes late (after 15 you can leave-so of course he came at just about the last possible minute! I flew through the test guessing along the way and was done around 1130. I went and picked up some snacks for the way, hopped into the car and away I went!

The ride to Ohio was long, but not bad. I just wanted to get there and see Eric…but when I got here, he wasn’t home! haha. I climbed into his bed and tried to take a nap under his nice comfy down comforter. I was soo tired. But Eric came home and I finally got to hug him!

We left for Dublin around 1 AM and I was sooo tired. I slept part of the way – actually I slept till like Tennessee. We both stopped and slept at the welcome center there and we slept for like 2 hours. Then I drove to GA. We stopped just over the Georgia border for the bathroom and to sleep a little more. Then we got into Atlanta, stopped by a camera store and got to Lisa’s around 4:00 pm. I was exhausted allll night. We had pancakes for dinner and met her daughters (who were soo sweet) I got to see alana and meet justi drunk lol. When we finally went to bed, I fell right to sleep.

We woke up kinda late the next day which was ok cause it was overcast. We were meeting my uncle at 3:00 ish so we got ready and headed over to the airport to check it out. Ended up meeting a bunch of people and just as the weather broke, we left to go see my uncle. haha.

My uncles house is nice. I love all of his animals…especially his new bengal. Its sooo pretty! I loved it. It was still so new to the house that he was scared but I managed to win him over haha.

We spent most of the day there then went out to dinner with him and Tony. I got buffalo wings….yummmmmm. they were sooo good!

Saturday we were suppose to get up early….of course we didn’t. We got to the DZ sometime around 1 or so. I met up with Eric friend Shane and did 2 jumps with him and his friends. The first was suppose to be a 5 way which turned into a 6way as we boarded the plane and quickly turned into a solo for me when we left the plane haha. It funneled right out the door! Oh well. The next was an attempted 4 way which I worked my butt off on to stay down with the guys. That ended up breaking apart too. But at least it didn’t funnel out to door! We held the round before all going every which way lol.

The third jump my honey was on! And it was also my first successful 4way! yayy! We actually got 4 points-some of my first points too! yay! The coolest/scariest thing about the jump was looking down and seeing hot air balloons-right below us! We quickly broke off 😉 lol

That night we went to red lobster with Shane…free dinner again! lol Shane’s really cool. It was sad that he had to leave 🙁

We went back and checked out some of the craziness at the airport before heading back to mouths. That included Jake dressing up funny and having a leash. Alana and justi being really drunk, hanging out with Liz and Clay and just having a good time watching the car get beat up, Chris get dunked, and the fire getting BIG. We watched some raffles, got some gold coins, and headed back home to catch some sleep.

The only other thing I have to say about that night was we corrupted a poor innocent little girl. That’s all I can say though.

Sunday we got up (late again). It was kinda windy and odd. I wasn’t gonna make any jumps but then the wind settled so I made one last jump-a 2 way with Eric which was really nice! We got to turn some more points and have a lot of fun-I even got to kiss him! I jumped with a protrack which messed with my head lol. I also landed out in some deep grass. Ew. Oh well.

We ended up going out to dinner with Shannon and Iwan and Clay and Liz to applebees. I learned that if you want rare meat there you probably should just ask for the cow to still be mooing. Speaking of cows….we saw farmers! hahaha.

That reminds me. I am never EVER living in Dublin…they have dirt roads in the middle of town! They use tractors to park people and well, its just crazy! Never!

Anyway dinner was fun except everyone was mad that you can’t get alcohol on Sundays in Dublin…soo we went back to Lisa’s 🙂

Everyone ended up leaving for the airport and we got our things together and Lisa’s computers online. We left sometime after midnight after FINALLY finding the only as station in Dublin open. Eric drove to just before the Kentucky border then I drove about 40 miles into Ohio. Eric took over a bout 930 and we were home by 1030. We were exhausted!

We really had a great weekend., There’s so much more to write about it but I’m still too tired to do so, so oh well lol. It was definitely a fun boogie and I can’t wait until next year!


3 more days till i see my honey!!! March 14, 2005

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Im so tired…I got to work today at 2:30…not konwing i was uspose to be there at 2-OOPS. oh well.

Went home for the weekend…went to hazleton first and got my rig all done…YAY! Its fits soo amaingly Im so happy!

Drove home though the snow (which sucked) i was supose to stay at hazleton but found out it was gonna be crappy the next day so stupid me…I actually lsited to the weatherman and well, he was wrong (again) it was nice that day. GRR. Oh well

I got to spend a weekend at home which was nice-except i lost my room. Oh well, i feel a little better about it now. I was really quite upset yesterday. **sigh* I guess I’m growing up- i don’t like it one bit 🙁

At least I have Eric. Gosh, I dunno what I’d do with out him. He completes my life right now.

Im so sleepy and i have a long day ahead of me….its midterm week…oh joy!


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