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I Don’t want to Grow up February 27, 2005

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I don’t want to grow up. haha. I know that sounds funny, but I really don’t. I feel like I’m already too old.

I miss the days of being carefree. I miss the days of being able to spend so much time with my family. And I know I’m going to miss it even more in the future. I feel like I should be home more often. And its not a feeling of should, its a feeling of wishing I was.

I’m almost thinking of switching schools. SUNY New Paltz is only a bit more than an hour away, its closer, and its in a place that I like.

Is it weird that a future with Eric scares me? haha. I’m beginning to realize I’m getting older and it sucks! lol. I realize this now cause I’m planning on being out with him for the summer and all and now I’m realizing that if things go as well with him as they have been that I may never spend a summer home again…while that’s amazingly exciting…its also really scary and kinda makes me sad too.

I’m also wondering more and more if I really would want to be in Ohio. I say I hate NY…but I also do love it. Then again Columbus is a great place too. I wish Eric would take the opportunity he has right now and move to NY. Then I wouldn’t have to ever have to wonder. But I couldn’t really do that. He’d be leaving everything out there and I don’t have much here. I mean I have my family, but even my parents will be moving down south and my grandparents are already in Florida, so I guess that’s not a good enough reason…

I’m not sure why I’m thinking about all of this. I guess cause I’m listening to the song butterfly kisses and it makes me cry. I don’t want to leave home, leave my childhood, my family or any of my past…I wish time would just stand still 🙁


Vocab Sucks February 24, 2005

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can you believe i stayed up until now just to do vocabulary words? My professor thinks we’re all idiots because we dont know vocab. I’m out to win him over and get an A in his class!!

ugh…I must be insane!

This insane girl is going to sleep!


Oh My God~

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Something I have wanted for a long time now could happen…and it’s quite scary!!

I need to get some sleep…more later….


Long Day February 21, 2005

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Today was….hmmm…..long.

Lets start with the woman at work who doesn’t seem to understand that I don’t speak nor understand Spanish. I try and tell her, I stare blankly at her when she speaks to me. And yet, she doesn’t seem to get it. She just continues speaking. Talk about frustrating!! Geez! I’m gonna go insane after a few more days with her.

Other than that, the day was pretty boring. Oh except for the woman who yelled at me about her butter. Sheesh. She was annoying. She didn’t have time to wait. But she did. And she bitched the whole time she was there. What a pain.

I got out of work at 730. I picked up a case of snapple and a case of water. I love being a girl. You never have to lift things. It’s great. This big strong guy lifted it up for me and put it into the cart and away I went 🙂

I was starving when I got out and Diane informed me that the student union was closed which made me mad cause I was dying for chicken. So, since she was hungry and I was saving her from having to wait in the cold, she treated me to Wendy’s! I love her! I loved her even more after we got back to school and she helped me carry the snapple and water in!

Tonight has been boring…just sitting around. Ate my Wendy’s…made Eric hungry so he went and got some too. Talked to Mia….that was about it.

Oh! I worked on my website some more…its coming along. If yo haven’t seen it yet check out www.craizeydaizey.com its still a mess, but its getting there!!

Can you believe it’s snowing out!? I guess that “snow” part isn’t bad…but the 9 inches is!! UGH how am I ever gonna get my car out tomorrow!?!?!?!?!

I wish I had a dog. Then I’d have someone to keep me company. I’m not really into hanging out with a lot of people here at school. No wonder I’m online so often! I just don’t have much of a desire to go out to clubs and all….ya think than makes me weird?

I think in some ways I’m very much a loaner. But then again, I also like being with people…certain people. I think tend to only keep fairly close friends and I notice I distance myself sometimes from others…it’s kinda weird I guess. But I notice, typically given the opportunity to go out or stay in, I typically stay here. Who knows. Maybe I’m just lazy. lol

Ew there’s even more snow that there was before. Oh well. I guess I should say let it snow and get it all out cause in 3 weeks I get to get current again! And it better NOT snow then! I can’t wait to get back in the sky and go play!!!!

I think I’m off to sleep. Goodnight.

Mood: aggravated
Music: “Lets Get it Started” Black Eted Peas


I wonder about people…. February 19, 2005

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I’ve often wondered what provokes people to do certain things or to act the way they do. I wonder this a lot during the countless hours I am stuck behind a cash register, observing the different people of Long Island. Working in a supermarket is really the ultimate people watching esperince. You get to see the people who sit there and yell at their kids, husbands, wives, and even strangers. It’s quite comical sometimes. I’ve seen some really interesting things.

Today for example, there was the guy early on who yelled at his kids because he kept bumping into them. When I say yell i mean REALLY yell. As if it was these poor kids fault that their father couldnt watch where he was going. Then there was the woman who argued with me about a price on diapers. I told her my supervisor was going to give them to her for the price she said they were….i guess that answer didn’t satisfy her cause she went on to yell about how the only reason bought them was because she got them for that price. “Ma’am, we’re going to give them to you for that price,” I said. She replied with, “this store is ridiculous!.” She paid me and left. Good. I didn’t want to see her anymore anyway.

Then there’s the people with this mentality that I jsut can’t explain. If half of these people had any common sense, the thought to do half the things they do would never even occur to them. Like the guy who opened a t 12 pack of beer today to take out 2 and bring them to the register cause that’s all he needed. What an idiot…Maybe it’s just me, but common sense seems to tell me that you dont do that kinda thing. I guess Im done ranting about this subject though.

OMG, i think i just found an old friend…we havent seen him in years! It’ll be cool if we can get in tocuh with him…hes in myrtle beach now so if we can get in touch with him we’ll get to see him in April 🙂

Ugh i gotta go for now…more later…

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