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Stuck in bed! January 31, 2005

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ugh. I’m STILL sick. I went to the health center today and she told me I had the flu. She said it sounds like im getting over it which is good, but the flu can sometimes cause upper respiratory infections which she said sounds like what I have, She said the bad thing is that it can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia really easily so I need to rest, take meds and go back and see her in 2 days….yipppppeee. 🙁

SO….Ive been in bed since 1-i still feel horrible. I hope this goes away soon. My ears are killing me. and im still soo congested…it sucks 🙁

My boyfriend rocks…just in case you didn’t know hehe. Hes so wonderful…I wish he was here to take car of me…We’ve had some funny conversations today like this one:

Me: you’re my old man 😀 hehehe
Eric: and you’re my little lady 😀

I always tease him that hes old haha Hes really not, he’ll be 25 this year, but its fun to tease him. Course its better to tease him when Im here in NY cause then he cant come tickle me!!! lol

I tried to give him a compliment by telling him he was the best….his response? “Why do you say that sweetie? are you getting delerious from the fever? ” goofball.

hmmm how to entertain myself now…. bored.com or i-am-bored.com are always options….

My parents are coming to LI tomorrow. I have to drive them to the airport on Wednesday morning so they can go to Florida! Lucky me will be going to the doctor afterwards to see if I am all better…

Well I guess thats all for now…time to go back to relaxing I guess…

More later…


No Dallas afterall! January 29, 2005

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Hooray! I get to spend Valentines Day with Eric after all!! He booked his tickets tonight…and best of all…..he’s flying in on Thursday and not leaving till 830 pm on Monday!!! Hooray!! I’m so psyched!

hmm what’s been new in the past few days? I’m finally settled in school. I got all 6 classes onto my schedule-yippee! Can you believe I’m taking 24 credits!? I sure as hell can’t! lol Luckily I’m loving them all! And, I made it through the first week…there’s only, what? 14 more weeks to go? 😀

Kim and I tried to buy some umm..”friends” for our room. We wanted to get little mice-not those little white ones, but the cute colored ones…haha they’re so cute! But the lady at the store was a bitch so after spending like 45 minutes in there we ended leaving empty handed. Oh well, maybe we’ll get new friends next week 🙂

Not too much is new. I went back to work today-which means MONEY!! FInally! lol.

I’m looking at colleges in Ohio….I found one I really like about 2 hours away from Eric’s…It may be a possibility for the future…but Eric and I need to talk about things before I do this. While I’m not wanting to move there fully for him, he has a big part in this decision.I firmly agree that this decision is going to be based on me…if I go ill move there for me…cause I want to get out and start over. I really would like to get out of NY and just start over in a new place…but me being in Ohio is a rather big step! So we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Well, I’m not feeling too well. This cold weather is getting to me. Sucks..I’m tired, achy, and my nose and throat hurt 🙁 yuck. I hate being sick

I think I’m headed to BED!! Hopefully when I wake up I’ll feel all better!!

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Ugh January 26, 2005

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Ok so here it is like 245 am and I can’t sleep. I think I slept too much last night. I tend to do that a lot!

I actually haven’t written in awhile! Sadly, I’m not in Ohio anymore 🙁 It sucks. I drove home Sunday and just like I told everyone, I was fine! (except when I got lost and that doesn’t count!) The roads weren’t nearly bad…the hardest part was trying to see through the tears 🙁

Sunday was so so so sad. I hated leaving Eric. The two of us seriously sat and cried for like 2 hours!! I was suppose to leave at 10 and I didn’t end up pulling onto I-70 until noon! But it was ok. I cried so much that I think I used 80% of the water in my body! lol. This might sound crazy, but seeing Eric so upset about me leaving made me feel good, cause I know he’s really gonna miss me. Not that I doubted it at all, it was just nice to reinforce it.

Those three weeks together really were wonderful. It gave us a good chance to learn about one another on a totally different level-and it was nice!! The more and more I learn about him the more and more I grow to like him and care about him even more! I miss him soo much right now…I’m not gonna sit here and be like ‘oh I cant function without him’ cause obviously I can…he just makes it easier to do so!! I really wish he was part of my daily life…id even settle for weekly! Its this monthly thing that sucks! I’m really grateful we got to spend so much time together these past weeks.

But, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about Eric…so I’ll turn the subject to where I am now…SCHOOL! I’m back at Old Westbury for yet another fun and exciting semester. haha I wrote that in a sarcastic tone, but actually I guess this semester will be sorta cool. I’m rooming with Kim again and she’s really is a great roommate-I’m sad she’s leaving next semester (although it does make me wonder about Ohio schools -if she leaves me, I wouldn’t mind leaving so much! haha) Anyway, what’s cool is she and I have similar schedules this semester so we can walk together and get food together and stuff…that’s a big plus cause I do hate going places alone…and unless I’m starving, I wont go to the cafeteria alone.

I’m taking 6 classes this semester…they’re interesting..I’m taking American people II as an independent study (no class-yipppee!) and foundations of reading I and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, writing for publication, cross cultural analysis, and immigration today….quite interesting! (we’ll see how this goes lol) The nice thing is I have at least one person who I know fairly well in each class…Kim’s in 2 of my classes, Lana and Karlene are in another…Tara is in one, and a girl from my floor is in another,,,oh Jon is in one too…how funny is that…a year or two ago I woulda been so happy if he’d been in my class so I could spend more time around him, and now it happens…how funny…oh well, Jon’s still a cool friend…

Jon makes me think of swimming…I might just get persuaded to swim next year again. Its a big decision I guess. I mean swimming used to be everything to me. I threw myself into it soo hard cause I wanted to succeed and I think I just burned myself out…I used to have a strong passion for it, and that passion is starting to come back, but I did lose it for awhile…and its sorta nice not being involved…but I’m not gonna lie, I do miss it and I do have a passion for it….I think that’s apparent just whenever I’m around water.

hmm what else is new? I was suppose to start work today, but as usual they screwed up, so I didn’t get scheduled yet…..ugh…I really need money

Speaking of work, the school in OH called me today asking if I could come in for an interview on Thursday. Damn. That’s not happening. Ill have to see if I can make it a little later…lets hope it works! I just hope they can wait!

I’ve been watching the ashlee simpson show all night…does that make me pathetic? lol

I’m addicted to all sorts of MTV shows lately…its not my fault!! Kim got me watching the real world, and all that time at Eric’s got me into watching tv again…its all a new concept for me since I’m not used to watching TV so much, just when I go to sleep….hmm oh well

I think I’m finally settled in this room which is nice. It took forever cause I was rearranging everything and stuff, but oh well. I’m finally done!

Ugh, I’m exhausted! I wish I could sleep!!!!!! Perhaps I will try again…its now 315!!

Goodnight! (morning)

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Only one more day January 21, 2005

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I really don’t want to leave Ohio.

Tomorrow is my last day here…how much does that suck? My mom wanted me to leave today…in fact she called me yesterday and said “your father and I discussed it and we decided you’re leave tomorrow.”

Oh really!?!

My reaction to that was simply, wtf!?! since when do they decide how I live my life….a recommendation on when to leave would been fine but that whole “we decided thing” whatever. Not sure if this is me being me and knowing I can make my own decisions or if it’s some teenage rebellion left in me, but that comment made me just want to leave Sunday even more. I mean really, what the hell. She’s in NY and I’m here…does she really think she can command me to do things? Come on now. I’m 20 years old, I think I can handle my own life.

Unfortunately my mom doesn’t believe I can I guess. She’s constantly hounding me to do things and to do things her way and if I don’t do them she acts as if its horrible. Seriously, my mom has scared me into not spending money. I’ve become the cheapest person in the world. Its come to the point where I was afraid to get new tires for my car…TIRES…I mean without new ones I woulda killed myself at some point…but I was more afraid of spending the money. Sheesh. I think I need help…or perhaps it’s my mom who needs it.

I feel like I’m haunted by her mistakes. And not just hers, but my aunt’s as well (they’ve both gotten themselves into some major financial troubles-they’re also both idiots-perhaps the two are connected?). It really not fair to me because she’s not giving me a chance to be me. I need to learn things first hand and I need to make my own mistakes. I cant have her feeding me for the rest of my life. I know she’s trying to do it with good intentions, but really. She needs to let me be me and learn things for me. As of right now, my mom’s the one who’s paying my bills. Now before you think geez, what a spoiled brat, I’ll tell you she’s paying them with MY money. I think I’m capable f paying them myself.

Ok, so I guess my ranting is over. I just noticed Eric signed offline which means he is on his way home. We are going to his moms for the night that should be fun.

Oh I went to the YMCA yesterday…the day before that Eric brought me to his gym with him-it was pretty cool-I really liked it and I got to swim!! Yay! So anyway, yesterday I went to the Y (it wasn’t nearly as nice, but I found a free pass to check it out in the newspaper-Id rather pay the extra money for Eric’s place! What kinda gym only has one lap lane!?!?) and worked out again and today I’m so sore. I also feel sooo outta shape….the pain combined with the fact that the scale told me i weigh 111 pounds…..ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN POUNDS!!! Can you fricken believe it? I’ve never weighed so much in my life….like Eric and I were saying, time to start working out and cutting back on certain foods…

Yeah, definitely-like ALL of it.

Ugh…just who knew 3 #’s could make you feel so gross?


Eric and I lied in bed and talked forever last night. It was really nice. We talked about how nice these three weeks have been. They’ve really been wonderful-I think we’re gonna miss one another a lot. Can you believe we didn’t fight or argue even once!? I sure as hell cant lol!! Its amazing-he’s amazing.

We talked about us living together….not me…nope, not until he promises to love me forever, commit to that, and marry me lol. I think he thinks he can change my mind. He asked me how long I’d have to be here to live withhim. I told him 6 months. He told me he’d just have me move my stuff out every 5th month, 3rd week and 6th day for a day, then I could come back. hehe. Cute, but no. lol. I’m committed to this promise. I’ll stay-I’ll even stay for long period of time (like the summer) and i would get an apartment nearby but I wont live here. I just don’t see the point to marriage if you’re already living together. To me, one of the thrills of getting married is that you get to spend the rest of your life together…literally-together-in the same house. lol.

It may sound stupid, but that’s my decision and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps I will explain my real complete thoughts on why I wont live with someone until after I’m married another day. But until then you’ll just have to settle with knowing that it wont happen-at least not for me.

Although the idea sounds sooo tempting for the future-it would be nice, and practical, and would save money….but waiting till I’m married is definitely what I want to do…it just somehow outweighs the rest.

Ok, time to get off this computer…I swear if the internet were never invented I wouldn’t be so out of shape! I’d also get a hell of a lot more things done!

Am i saying I wish we didn’t have it? HELL NO! Then I woulda never met my Eric 😀

Geez, Im rambling a lot today!! Time to get offline!!

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Last night sucked! January 19, 2005

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So last night i spent half the night up not feeling well. My stomach hurt all night and it kept me up. So after awhile i felt bad about keeping the tv on in the bed. So i moved to the living room. I finished up erics necklace and then around 530 moved back to bed…
Oh my gosh, i gotta go….something eric was downloading is done!!

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