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hmm..what’s new? October 25, 2004

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Ugh, Im so tired! I really need to get some sleep after i finish updating this thing…

Sooo…hmm whats new here? Went to a wedding this weekend…my cousin Keith married his long term girlfriend Keresa…it was soo nice! They had a really beautiful wedding and it was nice to see the other side of my family. I even danced a little with my dad, my uncle tom and eddie, and even my grandpa twice 🙂 hehe it was fun…I can’t wait to get married someday (but not too soon!!!)

School screwed me over, so im not in the education department again this semester. Im debating between finishing up with a basic degree then getting out of here and going to grad school for teaching. Id really love to go to school in Ohio 🙂

Been thinking about Ohio a lot lately…I think its a really cool place….great place to start over…begin a new life-something ive been wanting to do a lot lately

hehe today was a fun day…after class i went to the doctor who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for my back-BLAH! (that wasnt the fun part!) The fun part came when i went to the mall with Kim…we had some fun and got some yummmmy pretzels after we looked around Victoria’s Secret a little- on the way out we got a little lost in Macys and lost the car – hehehe. On the way home we get to this gas station and the lady behind us stole our spot!! Kim was sooo mad and started yelling at her (she was still in the car though) then she starts giving her the finger and making faces and this guy pull sup next to us and thinks its at him so he goes to leave, kims like no no no! hahaha it was soo funny…she apologized to him, but i think he thought she was a little psycho! haha. On the way home the car broke so we ended up going back out and getting trandmission fluid which was an adventure in itself. We stopped at CVS and I found a cute card for eric….but Lawrence says its to girly so i should return it 😛

Well, i should get going….need to into bed before midnight tonight…plus the more I sleep the faster time will go by and the sooner ill get to see eric!! 🙂 Yay!

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Take 2! October 21, 2004

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Ok, second time I am typing this causse i accidentally shut the computer down while I was typing before…oops!!

Anyway, I need some motivation. I have none of it lately. Its bad. I never go to class and its really starting to bug me. I mean, i NEED to go to class! But I also dont know if this is really what I want to do with my life even anymore. I dunno, I kinda feel lost lately. Not really sure where Im going in life-or where I want to go and I really need to figure it out. People keep telling me I have all of this time, but I dont. Im wasting all this money to sit here and try and figure out what i want to do with my life 🙁
I dunno whats going on lately…ya ever just want to scream? Ugh i have wanted to so much lately. Although soemtime I feel like im sitting in a room screaming and noone even hears me….I need a vacation!
Speaking of which…Eric mentioned maybe we could go to Colorado for Christmas. I feel bad cause i really dont want to be gone Christmas Day. I think he took it kinda personally cause he mentioned it sounded as if I didn’t want to go away with him. but thats really not the case…Im just not ready to give up my Christmases at home yet…I love Chirstmas day…waking up and going out the living room and opening gifts and then eating croissants for breakfast…maybe itd be different if i wasnt living at home anymore…
OMG, the Yankees LOST to the red sox tonight….WTF!?!?! How insane is that? Im so mad…
Tomorrow is going to suck…i NEED to go to class and then i have work for 8 hours….ugh
I need to get out of here 🙁

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Rough few days October 19, 2004

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These past few days have seemed like they lasted forever. Quite rough…it all started Wednesday night. I was driving home from work and needed to stop by cvs. I was talking to Eric which i guess distracted me cause i locked my keys in the car-im such an idiot sometimes haha. Sooo, i call roadside assistance and they tell me 45 minutes-yiipppe, 45 minutes in the cold. So i sat outside talking to my mom. All of a sudden this car pulls up and drives slowly past my car and the guy just sits there….i tell my mom theres some freak near my car and im afraid to go near it…turns out the freak was the guy who was there to fix my car (it had only been like 5 minutes). So, he gets them out….I go to leave, and as im backing out (very slowly i might add) i accidentally tapped the car behind me….i freaked and left. There was no damage but Eric yelled at me saying i could get into huge toruble since its considered a hit and run…well i freaked out and felt so guilty i drove back….the other car was gone, so i assumed all was ok.
That whole night I panicked…everytime my phone would ring i was thinking it was the police…finally it was like 10 or 11 and i figured I was fine…until my dorm phone rang. It was my dad. He tells me he jsut got a call at the house. All I could think was oh crap….turns out it was worse that what I was thinking though-he said Lucy had just called and my Uncle Frank had passed away…
Since then, everything was crazy…we were waiting for arrangements to be made, my parents had to come down and on Friday I got the job of booking airline tickets for everyone…the wake was saturday and sunday-2 sessions each day-it was really long and drawn out-it made it even tougher -it all felt so weird…my ENTIRE family was together so it felt more like a party, then id see my uncle frank in the front of the room and remember that was far form the truth.
The funeral was yesterday and overall it wasnt too bad. I really only cried when i saw others cry (like my mom and grandfather and roseanne) Im very glad its all over, and Im definitely goign to miss him.
On a lighter note…Eric was absolutely wonderful throughout everything-anytime i needed to talk he was there for me and he definitely made me smile on numerous occastions. He also booked plane tickets so i get to see him in a few days! I cant wait, I miss him so much.


Depression October 11, 2004

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Ok so today sucked a bit. Worked myself into a nice depression…this missing eric thing just got to me in a big way today. Really started thinking about whether it was worth it and how much i could really do it for…then i thought about him and realized how much more upset Id be without him and realized I could wait forever if i had to….it just sucks…I wish i could be closer 🙁

Other than that the day was pretty uneventful…no class today due to Columbus day (woo hoo!) so i slept till about 1145, went to lunch with this girl that drives me insane then just layed around most of the day-felt good 🙂

You ever meet a person who just drives you insane? This girl next door just drives me NUTS…shes inconsiderate (like, she just comes in the room without knocking-who does that??) And shes always HERE…oh and she stretches the truth and says things to bring attention to herself…UGH…ok rant is over 🙂

Oh and now my ex bf is bothering me…i guess i havent mentioned him before…I was dating him right up before i started dating eric…broke it off with him when eric and I started talking…we only dated for like 3 weeks…but hes PSYCHO! acts like we dated for 3 years…anyway, hes bugging me to talk to Eric about the canopy hes selling for him…i told him no but i might jsut say something so if eric wants to sell it, he has an option…but im not so sure hell even sell it to him…

Well, im off to find something to eat…


An update

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Gosh, so much has happened in this past year…guess I should update this a bit! I never did go to eloy…got in a huge fight with my parents about it and ended up not going, but it was ok…instead i used the tickets to go to Florida in February…had a great time! went to stay with jaime and travis at zhills -it rocked! I got to go to Disney!! I met mickey and saw the parade..it was soo much fun!! I also went to the windtunnel in orlando…got to meet up with Ari again which was cool-he coached me..and michelle met me there too-it was a blast!

Like i said, i left post and came back to old westbury-it was so nice to be back though i had a horribel roommate who i hated. But it was ok cause i made up for it with the fun I had..

In April my life changed…I started talking to Eric…hes a guy i had met back in May when i went to california. We kept in touch a little (just drunk dials and occasional pms) I was surprised when he imd me outta the blue one day in March…we started talking…a lot. and On April 2nd he came out here to “see NYC” well, wen ended up realizing that the attraction we had online we had in person too and weve been together eversince. Its really hard having a long distance relationship….REALLY hard. But we’re making it work. Hes so special and Ive never felt the things i feel for him towards anyone before.

The end of the semester and the summer involved 3 basic things:work, eric, and skydiving haha. I got back in the air in March and worked on finishing aff-didn’t take too long! luckily the tunnel helped a lot and i did my recurrency jump and graduated aff on the next-woo hoo!! Did a bunch of solos and finally got my license in June-yay!

In May I went out to Erics house and spent a week there-it was soo nice to spend so much time with him

My cousin Georgie got married in June and Eric flew out for the wedding-it was great to see Eric (even if he was sick) but the highlights of the wedding were watching the colors of Erics face change and keeping an eye out to see what kinda fit Georgies new wife would throw next (i didn’t like her very much)

In August Eric and I went to Rantoul and had a good time. Got to see some old friends, put faces to people, and make new friends. It was a blast. I got to spend some time at erics afterwards and then I had to head on back to NY 🙁

School started and its been great. After a little bit of confusion with roommates in the beginning (which actually worked out well for the weekend!) I finally (illegally-lol) moved in with my friend kim. We;re offically roommates now (I think) and we’re having a blast living together (especially now that we have a trampoline! lol. Its nice to fianlly be getting along with, and enjoying living with someone! We have some cool friends right on our floor and overall its been a great semester 🙂

Well, now I guess my life is up to date again 🙂 More later!!

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