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Happy Birthday to Me!! November 20, 2003

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Yay! today is my birthday! 19 years old….yay! I love birthdays!

Lots has been going on lately. i am transferrring from CW post back to Old westbury cause i hate it here. Absolutely don’t like it. I don’t like living here (its a filthy campus on the inside though on the outside its gorgeous) i don’t like the people, or the professors. Plus i don’t see what on earth i am paying so much money for…it doesn’t make sense-i got better stuff at OW so i am going back there.

I also decided to stop swimming. Itll give my foot a good rest until next season which will be good-maybe it will finally heal!

Joey is here! We went to the city on tuesday and on friday we’re gonna go see grandpa and hang out some more which will be cool. hes so awesome and we have lots of fun-im so glad we get along so well-its great!

Not much else is really new-working on getting this webpage up and runnig right. its a lot of work! can’t weait till its done!


Oopps November 9, 2003

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Wow I haven’t written in awhile lol. Since then our meets have started. We lost our first one but we won the second which was a tri-meet with Queens and Adelphi-we beat them both! 2 wins in 1 night! Yesterday we had a meet in southern Jersey at Rowan college. The meet wasn’t scored and it wasn’t too important so i didn’t swim because my foot was aching pretty badly. Tomorrow i go back to the doctor and then later this week i am going to another doctor for a second opinion. How fun! Besides that this week is going to be fun though…Im babysitting for my favorite little girl this week…then friday mroning we are leaving for a fun weekend! we have a meet in Rhode island (providence college), then a free day in boston, then a meet in boston at bentley college! How fun! I can’t wait! We’re staying in a hotel-its gonna be fun!!!
Well, i should get back to my paper…

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