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Homecoming! October 18, 2003

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It’s Homecoming weekend baby! hehehe

Well this weekend started out friday night with the swim team being VERY embarrassed! We had our pep ralley and they decided to announce our team-too bad only 3 of us were there-and we were all the injured ones lol! So we get up on stage and the guy makes fun of us lol. So ok, we made idiots of ourselves, but hey now people know who we are lol. We were at the gym today and the football players were like ohhh everyone take a step back its our kick ass injured swim team…LOL
Practice sucked today-started the day at 7am -ugh. Went to orientation for work, then came back. Rested a bit then headed to the game to sell tshirts with Ja-9 and Kaitlin. Watched the game (we won, 20-7! YEAHH Post!!) Had a fun time coming back with Kaitlin….then passed out in bed. Im soo tired! Its gonna be a late night too. Watching the World Series right now (GO YANKEES!). A little later we’re going out to the Irish Eye with the football team (and many others) for some fun! Should be a good good night!

Heard the greatest quote today: “You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel” Oh thats soo soo true 🙂 Wish I could though. Would certainly make life much easier!

Yeah! Double play! Lets go yankees! Kick some Marlins ass!! LOL Back to the game….


Journey October 15, 2003

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What an interesting weekend…
I went to away for the weekend. Far far away-so far that it required two plane rides and a few hours to get me there. 🙂 For the most part I had a really good time…until about the last night. That night just sucked.
Now I am back home-well at school. its nice to be back, but i my mind is kinda feeling a little tired from being pretty confused. It sucks wanting someone to be happy but knowing that the thing that makes them happy hurts you so much 🙁
HOw could i let this happen? It certainly wasn’t the plan…oh well….Im pathetic
Now that Ive made you very confused…Im going to bed…goodnight all.


Poor Kitty October 8, 2003

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Ok, so Oreo had a fractured Jaw. $300 would correct it quickly, but it will also heal on its own. Now I love my kitty, but we are opting for a little bit of time on the healing since i don’t have $300 🙁 but hes already starting to seem better-in just afew short weeks he’ll be back to good ol Oreo!
I was supose to go for an MRI today but the peopel form this stupid school decided that they were gonna wait until today to try and find me an appointment. They’re smart, huh?
So now i have an open afternoon. I have practice at 330. Im not supose to swim, but i can do a bit of pulling-thats about it.
Hmmm i should be reading right now. I need to read 300 pages by tomrorow. The book is Frankenstein-Im so tired right now that i know if i start reading i am gonna fall asleep….hmm…theres gotta be cliffnotes somewhere right?? lol
Well I am gonna go back to talking to Sunshine and Josh. Theyre too friends of mine from dz.com that i get to meet soon! Yay! I am soo excited about meeting them!!


Poor Oreo October 6, 2003

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The worst thing happened today-i looked over at my cat Oreo and noticed that a lot of hair was missing around his mouth….the more i looked i noticed his left canine tooth was broken….and that his mouth was kinda swollen…talked to my uncle (hes a vet assistant) says it sounds as if he got hit by a car 🙁 My poor Oreo. I feel so bad for him. He doesn’t look so happy…in fact he looks pretty miserable….at least he is still alive…tomorrow he gets to go to the vet….i just hope everything is ok….
It was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night…i jsut wish i had a tv…theres one out by the treadmill in the next room over form my bed, but it i watch it out there ill fall asleep on the couch….oooh maybe i could drag that tv in here…..now theres an idea lol….can you imagine me trying to drag in athis big tv on one foot though? lol. Thats quite the image lol.
Well, im gonna go give it a try, then talk to soem people for a bit online, watcxh soem tv (hopefully) and then off to dreamland….
Wish Oreo luck tomorrow!!


Home Sweet Home October 4, 2003

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I’m HOME!!! 🙂

Got up this morning early and went to practice. I actually I woke up a bit later than i should have so i didn’t have time to pack, oh well. Went to the gym. Lifted weights for an hour then went to practice. Got outta practice and went back to the dorm. My roommate decided to come back I guess (she hasn’t been there the past two nights-its been a nice break haha). Listened to her argue with a pharmacy on filling her prescription forver as i packed. Got my thigns together, called Kaitlin and met some of the other girls form the team at brunch-haha I had a bagel a hashbrown and a sandwich-lol quite the combo huh? i decided to eat in in a breaskfast then lunch order. After that Jackie and i went down to the doctor. Me for my foot her for her elbow and shoulder-bad news for both of us-we’re both not really allowed to swim-well she can kick and i can do upperbody work-yuck. And to make matters worse, I have to get an MRI on wednesday 🙁 My foot doesn’t seem to be healing right….yuck….will know the results Thursday…
At least now i am home. I drove home with my left foot lol. Finally got here and my mom made me a great dinner-homemade mac and cheese-YUMMM. Its nice to be home-havent been here in over month!
So exhausted…time to go relax…

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