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New Website September 2, 2012

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Taking a break form here for a little while to try out my new website…check it out!




Test Posting June 12, 2012

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Thisis jsut a test


New Layout December 2, 2011

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New Layout. I think its fun! Now to work out all the kinks… lol


Tonsillectomy recovery June 22, 2011

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So its been just shy of 3 weeks since my surgery. Overall, not a horrific experience. I honestly think the worst was not my throat by my ears and jaw. My ears would (and still do) hurt. Noise, anything would bother it. It suucked!

My throat is still sore, but getting better! Ill have to post before/after pics! All my scabs are almost gone 🙂


Day 4….95 hours post surgery June 6, 2011

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Ok, yesterday was worse. But toda is probably the real worst. And it still supose to get even more worse. yay. Yesterday my throat was sore all day. It was increasingly difficult to swallow. eating was ridiculous. But sam came over which was awesome! I had my first bowl of ice cream which was heaven! My tongue is ultra swollen which makes it hard to talk. in fact, I dont think i talked at all until sam came over that evening@
I had a lot of burning in my throat at night, so I ate some bread which was awesome. It felt sooo good! Water has been really hard to drink.

I woke up today to serious pain. The worst ive had so far. its through my jaw, tongue, ears, teeth. Ugh! I layed with an ice pack for awhile and sucked on some ice too. Slept a lot of the day. Sams coming over with sherbert. Hopefully itll help some!!

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